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  1. BlindBoyGrunt

    Happy birthday

  2. BlindBoyGrunt

    Sunderland fans excited

    that they can look forward to playing Preston North End, Bristol City, oh and Middlesbrough too.
  3. BlindBoyGrunt

    Preston police force.

    What a friendly thread. They seem like a good bunch.
  4. BlindBoyGrunt

    Net Zero/Fracking.

    A week or two ago Nigel Farage began taking a few tentative steps toward forming a Anti Net Zero movement. Today, his movement 'Vote Power Not Poverty' seems to be gaining momentum. With the slogan net zero is net stupid, Farage and his right wing friends are promoting the return of fracking and...
  5. BlindBoyGrunt

    Which promotion rivals still have to play each other?

    Looking at the fixtures of the top 9 teams vs other top 9 teams, some teams have a significantly easier end to the season than others and all will be taking points from each other. - Boro & Huddersfield arguably have it easiest with only four games left against other top 9 teams - Blackburn &...
  6. BlindBoyGrunt

    Anyone a member of DCFC FANS board?

    Can you please remind them that: 1. Maccarone scored that goal. 2. McClaren managed us first. 3 Brian Clough is the best thing that ever happened to them.
  7. BlindBoyGrunt

    Which animals could you beat in a fight?

    Are Americans better fighters or just worse judges? Are Brits more realistic or smarter?
  8. BlindBoyGrunt

    750 Jobs to Teesworks.

  9. BlindBoyGrunt

    Today's nerdle.

    Crack on folks Try Nerdle - the daily numbers game
  10. BlindBoyGrunt

    Possibly the best video you will see tonight.

    He's handballed it.
  11. BlindBoyGrunt

    Sunderland forum.

    Ok, I've only read the post match part of this thread but fair play to the Mackems, they were really on our side here.
  12. BlindBoyGrunt

    Bless me father for I have sinned,

    A rule breaker am I. I held a hand, I kissed a cheek, I soothed an infant’s cry. But do not judge me for my sins, Leave that job to the fools. To those who partied through the night, To those who wrote the rules. A good read.
  13. BlindBoyGrunt

    Another new baby for the Johnsons
  14. BlindBoyGrunt

    New Green Hydrogen Plant

    BP announce plans for Plant at Tees works.
  15. BlindBoyGrunt

    Germany to legalise cannabis.

    Germany's new coalition government are planning to become the first European country to legalise the sale and use of recreational cannabis if today's news agencies are to be believed. This is huge if it turns out to be true...
  16. BlindBoyGrunt

    Starmer/Nandy back Patel

    plan to ban Hamas.
  17. BlindBoyGrunt

    Does anybody else notice...

    little sentences or Q&A's made up of thread titles whilst perusing the front page, ie. or is it just me?
  18. BlindBoyGrunt

    Lidl own Art College site...

    and it is they who have been cutting the trees down. Edit: Apologies to Uncle Harry, who's thread this has already been mentioned on.
  19. BlindBoyGrunt

    What's the collective noun for moles?

  20. BlindBoyGrunt

    Anyone feel threatened...

    by China? I don't.