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  1. Redwurzel

    Alex Mowatt

    Not sure but I can see us getting three more.
  2. Redwurzel

    West Brom v Watford.

    We had 16 chances to WBA's 12 last week.
  3. Redwurzel

    Chuba Akpom

    I am only looking one game at a time and I would play him ahead of Watmore at present. Players can change, I was not a big fan of Howson when he first came - a bit anonymous and that was a common comment at the time, but not now. He has actually got better in his 30s.
  4. Redwurzel

    The American answer to stopping school massacres.....

    The school authorities are basically saying you can't control guns by arming their own staff. I agree its crazy, because they are promoting a gun culture and making guns more readily available. What a difference compared with Canada.
  5. Redwurzel

    Chuba Akpom

    I said he was good not sensational, for a £2.5m striker, based on what I have seen this season. He helped improve the whole team. At 26 he is coming up to his peak period and looks slightly improved on what he was 2 years ago. I agree he will unlikely be a profilic goalscorer, but looked a nice...
  6. Redwurzel

    Chuba Akpom

    We improved on Satruday when Akpom came on and he contributed to that - he often provided a willing outlet and had the physical strength to hurt QPR by turning under challenges etc. For 25 minutes we almost dominated the game. Over the second half we had around 9 chances to their 2. Can he...
  7. Redwurzel

    It’s rarely easy being a Boro fan

    There are only around 40,000 of us opposed to 50 million or so MU fans, is one answer. We are bigger stakeholders or as one famous manager put it we are more "the special ones". Its one reason many old MU fans now would rather call themselves FC United fans. Another analogy is we are like...
  8. Redwurzel

    Recession, inflation and interest rates

    Ref: Selling off all the Public Utilities in the late 1980s and early 1990s and then allowing them to be bought by almost any "Tom d*ck and Harry" As a former Tory Leader said it was selling off the family silver and allowing anyone to buy them over time was wrong. No one was listening in his...
  9. Redwurzel

    Uche Ikpeazu offer

    Interesting one - Constructive dismissal is often when your pay and condtions are fundimentally changed. I would guess his pay has not changed (except loss of opportunity or win bonus) and his basic conditions not changed unless he can prove his entitled to a place in the first team squad i.e...
  10. Redwurzel

    Recession, inflation and interest rates

    Holgate - Don't forget the The Tory leader in June 2016 was a big Remainer and so were the majority of senior Tories. Every household got a leaflet through their letter box with a big picture of David Cameron say vote Remain paid for by the Conservative Government (I believe). Tories MPs were...
  11. Redwurzel

    Uche Ikpeazu offer

    Forwards are desired and in short supply, the bloke will do a decent job any Division 1 side and most SPL sides. He is 27 which is a peak age for a forward. I don't think we should give him away for nothing. £500k would be useful.
  12. Redwurzel

    Recession, inflation and interest rates

    My view... The UK economy is run primarily for the benefit of upper and middle class people living in London and the Home Counties. The evidence is the economic policies and to some extent the political and social policies of the last 43 years. Some may argue this was always so, but the degree...
  13. Redwurzel

    Larsen starts for Groningen

    Alternatively he the new Ashley Fletcher or Martin Braithwaite? 9 million Euros is enough for me.
  14. Redwurzel

    Groningen blow two goal lead.

    The defensive marking was poor by both teams in the highlights, especially as that was the top league in Holland. There was a miss by the opposition team where a player ran unmarked into the box and had half the goal the shot at and some how hit the post and failed to score - very poor play.
  15. Redwurzel

    Speculate to accumulate

    Jedi - The current situation according to this board is Groningen want 12m Euros and we have offered 9m Euros. Bologna supposedly were interested but lost interest when we offered 9m Euros, but might be intrested again if they sell their main striker. So I expect you would offer the 12m Euros?
  16. Redwurzel

    Home insurance

    I am not getting my passport out for a cruise with the proceeds - It was around £8 - more like a fish and chip supper size :sneaky:
  17. Redwurzel

    Barnsley Tickets - SC Card - Fees?

    For information - I was charged an extra pound, I am not a West Stander.
  18. Redwurzel

    Dijksteel's 'goose' looks cooked to me...(bench warmer back up)

    I think he is good enough the play RCB and is a quality defender, but he was at fault (in part) for 2 of the 3 goals on Saturday. In general he needs to be stronger in the challenge and a bit cleverer to stop the attacker getting shots on goal. Dijksteel is very atheltic and has a strong...
  19. Redwurzel

    Groningen blow two goal lead.

    Duarte number 6 for Groningen looked the best player on the pitch in the highlights, for me.
  20. Redwurzel

    New recruit for Barnsley

    Was it Great Broughton or Stokesley that he was playing for?