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  1. Laughing Gravy

    Best Autobiography

    Night song of the last tram - A Glasgow childhood . Robert Douglas
  2. Laughing Gravy

    Let's see yerr hounds and moggies.

    Becky is a rescue dog she’s so lovely natured despite what she’s been through before she came to us we can’t imagine life without her now
  3. Laughing Gravy

    How did you choose your username?

    The dog from an episode of Laurel and Hardy. Its also a pseudonym for whisky during prohibition .
  4. Laughing Gravy

    Male Tory frontbencher 'caught watching porn in Commons' next to female minister

    They were having a "mass debate" in the chamber
  5. Laughing Gravy

    P&O Ferries suspends all services

    As someone who has worked with ships crews over the last 25 years Philippino crew are far to expensive they have been largely replaced by Russian crew who work for a absolute pittance
  6. Laughing Gravy

    Unable to buy tickets online

    Just bought 4 using my HSBC debit card no queue but for some reason it won't let me add my credit card to my account
  7. Laughing Gravy

    Housing Ukrainian Families

    Tracy Crouch MP warns there are no available appointments at the UK refugee centre in Rzeszow Poland until 'the end of next month '