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  1. Mr_Fridge

    Boro badge trail at Saltburn

    Nobody’s really mentioned this but today I was over in Saltburn and saw this wonderful Boro Badge trail. Some interesting artistic interpretations. Love it.
  2. Mr_Fridge

    Total Warrior Wetherby - Sunday. Place available on the cheap.

    hi - if anyone wants to do this and happy to pay the £20 to transfer entry. I’ve got a knackered toe and unlikely to be fit for Sunday. It’s at Bramham Park.
  3. Mr_Fridge

    Stewart Downing signs for…

    Billingham Synthonia. Along with Tony McMahon. For the last five games of the season. 🤔
  4. Mr_Fridge

    How south London became a talent factory for Black British footballers

    Thought this may be of interest on here given its a fertile scouting ground for us.
  5. Mr_Fridge

    Today’s Heardle

    Guess the song from the intro, basically. #Heardle #8 🔊🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️
  6. Mr_Fridge

    Ultimately pointless poll but…

    Would be nice to win out over the Geordies. Seaton Deleval not even the best Seaton in the north east.
  7. Mr_Fridge

    Arseless jimmies

    does anyone else see this advert on here? an explanation...
  8. Mr_Fridge

    Compare with Swansea at home in June

    Poles apart in capability, attitude, result. Many of the same players. Love it.
  9. Mr_Fridge


    Top work tonight, off the bench at Cadiz...