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  1. American_Mary

    Thornaby Cemetery Incident

    Was driving past there last night after the Thornaby v Spennymoor game and there must have been 3 or 4 ambulances and 8 or 9 police vehicles, Gazette and Northern Echo reports of an incident but no details, hopefully everyone ok and it was a false alarm, was just interested having driven past at...
  2. American_Mary

    Boris Johnson and the art of deflection

    Can it be just coincidence that every time Johnson is in a spot of bother at home his press office releases details of conversations with President Zelensky, here's a list of the dates and timings of every conversation between Johnson and the Ukrainian President. 23 March: Reality of cost of...
  3. American_Mary

    The Boro and Bill Shankly

    I've posted this on the Clough/Charlton thread but think it's a story worthy of a thread of it's own, I was doing a bit of research for another article and thought it was worth writing, might post up some more unpublished stuff if there's much of an interest ? Bill Shankly and Middlesbrough...
  4. American_Mary

    Marske United v Stockton Town NPL Play Off final

    Massive game for local football tomorrow at Mount Pleasant, the fact it sold out within a couple of hours despite clashing with a huge game for the Boro shows how far football at that level has come; the progress both clubs have made over the last decade is quite staggering and it's great that...
  5. American_Mary

    FAO TheSynner

    Hi, I've sent you a message regarding the Synners Programme you were kindly keeping aside for me, just trying to sort out getting it if you can let me know the best way be much appreciated.
  6. American_Mary

    Printing digital programmes

    Happy New Year all. I’m after a bit of info regarding printing physical copies of digital programmes as a birthday gift for my Dad, I’ve got paper copies of most of the games we’ve been to this year but was hoping to get a physical match day quality physical copy for the half dozen or so that I...
  7. American_Mary

    Home Electrical Charging Point

    I'm joining the EV revolution and was looking for a bit of guidance in what to get fro a home charging point, any recommendations on local installers (Marske based) and how to claim back the Government grant etc TIA fellow EV mooners.
  8. American_Mary

    Marske United 2-0 up at Chester in the FA Cup

    Great result if it stays like that, Gateshead at home in the next round too.
  9. American_Mary

    Sharing a Power Point on Zoom iPhone ?

    Afternoon all, after a little bit of tech advice, I've got a Zoom meeting later today which I'm going to have to attend on my iPhone, I have a Power Point that I would like to present is it simply a case of open Power Point file and then sharing my screen within Zoom on my phone, I tried...
  10. American_Mary

    Northern Ireland goes into 4 week Circuit Breaker lockdown

    Be interesting to see what this does to the spread of Covid in Northern Ireland and if other places will follow suit. Closing all non-essential services and two week half term for schools.
  11. American_Mary

    600 fans in Windsor Park tonight

    Good to see that at least some fans are being allowed into watch the Northern Ireland v Austria game tonight and it’s a step in the right direction, the lack of controlled attendance of sporting events within certain stadia in England seems so out of touch with other government policy and the...
  12. American_Mary

    The head spinning world of viral vertigo & Derby thoughts.

    It’s Friday, I think, the last 4 days had become a whirling, blurring, dizzying mess of attempted stillness and confusion. My first bout of vertigo and the unnerving fear of vomit inducing movement, eyes closed, sat up, silent, still, the whir of a cooling fan the soundtrack to the darkness...