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  1. sambaDTR

    West Brom v Watford.

    Will be interesting to see how WBA do, after their second half show against us. Would prefer a draw tonight. (y)
  2. sambaDTR

    Groningen blow two goal lead.

  3. sambaDTR

    Dael Fry should be the first name on the team sheet.

    Is CW trying to motivate him to be more aggressive, more vocal, to be the Captain? Over to you Dael to prove you deserve a game as the best defender in the Championship. (y)(y)
  4. sambaDTR

    Creating a new problem.

    We all said we need a goalkeeper, left wingback and strikers in the close season to improve. The defence with Fry, McNair and Dijksteel were not a problem last year. So why are we now creating a problem by bringing in Bola and Lenihan? These two should be on the bench.
  5. sambaDTR

    The referee today Tony Harrington.

    Was from Cleveland! Not many complaints about him either. (y)
  6. sambaDTR

    Anybody think this is going to be our season?

    1) Good Manager, who likes to play attacking football and has achieved promotion to the PL before. 2) We improved last year even though we just missed out. 3) With the Spence and (looks like Tav) big money sales, we can spend big. 4) The three relegated teams are nothing special. 5) Great crowd...
  7. sambaDTR

    Just watching SKY Sports.

    35 DAYS, 23 HOURS, 3 MINUTES until the end of the transfer window. Why didn’t they make it before the season started? All clubs fans are going into meltdown already.
  8. sambaDTR

    West Brom. Here we go again!

    Well they’ve bought a few including Swift and Wallace and lost a few, including goalie Johnstone and Andy Carroll. With all the ups and downs at the moment with us, then we need to win on Saturday. OK, we have lost some players and the squad is weak at the moment but the signings have been good...
  9. sambaDTR

    Tav. Will he play wing back in the Premier League?

    If he does, and is a success, I can see him getting in the England squad (before Spence!) as there is not much competition for that position. Hope those add ons cover this!
  10. sambaDTR

    Josh Coburn.

    Just watching the training videos. With all these new strikers coming in, I still reckon he could be our top scorer this season, if we keep him here. (y)
  11. sambaDTR

    Boca Juniors 3 Estudiantes 1

    Payero came on for last ten minutes when the score was the same. Easing him in?
  12. sambaDTR

    The Barnsley game.

    On sale to season ticket holders today. It says £15 for season card holder, £18 General sale. When I try to choose a seat in the West Stand it says £18! Is it because I am normally in the North Stand? Anybody else had this?
  13. sambaDTR

    Parrott to Preston. Strike him off the list?
  14. sambaDTR

    How long before Neil Warnock tells us the truth about Djed Spence?

    You know it will happen. Maybe in his next book?
  15. sambaDTR

    Tipping point today.

    Second year Geography degree level student in Final. Question is “What does the Rhine river flow into? Bay of Biscay, North Sea or Baltic”? Answer. “Well, I’ve never heard of the Rhine”… WTF! What do they teach on these courses? Guesses North Sea and gets it right! x
  16. sambaDTR

    Spence transfer delay?

    Oh no! Get Lamby on the filofax!
  17. sambaDTR

    The cricket.

    Bairstow and Root ducks again!
  18. sambaDTR

    Keeping cool!

    Will have to tell the COBRA committee. Tried the breathing thing. Seems to work. Also, don’t get angry. Not sure about the alcohol thing though!
  19. sambaDTR

    This 6 foot 9 striker we were linked with.

    Seems stranger and stranger…
  20. sambaDTR

    Thomas Henry.

    Linked on OneBoro. Looks a proper player!