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  1. Yearbyred

    Incredibly Sad Songs.

    Family life - The Blue Nile
  2. Yearbyred

    Things You Wish You Could Unsee

    The video of the mindless idiots on motorbikes around Teesside today. Like the Wild West.
  3. Yearbyred

    It’s rarely easy being a Boro fan

    Must admit my enthusiasm for the season has dropped dramatically over the last few weeks. Missed the first home game as on holiday. Miss the next home league game as I’m going to the cricket and can’t be bothered going to the League Cup game. Will be the end of September before I see a game live.
  4. Yearbyred

    * The "Welcome Back" to the new season. Boro v WBA. Match-day Thread *

    Should be two up but looked a bit open on the break but Albion haven’t been good enough to test us so far.
  5. Yearbyred

    * The "Welcome Back" to the new season. Boro v WBA. Match-day Thread *

    I’m holiday, watching from Norfolk. #UTB
  6. Yearbyred

    2 x Bernards RIP - tribute march of the 20 mellifluous voices

    Oliver Postgate - for people of my generation.
  7. Yearbyred

    Women's Euros 2022 Thread

    Would have been a great goal if her first shot went in, fantastic build up play but that was just cheeky.
  8. Yearbyred

    The best concert/gig you've been to

    Live Aid - purely for the historical reasons. The Undertones - with Feargal , Middlesbrough Town Hall. U2, REM, Ramones, Billy Bragg - Milton Keynes 1985 Paul Buchanan (Blue Nile) - Sage Gateshead. Vin Garbutt - too many to mention.
  9. Yearbyred

    Attendance for Saturday

    Yup, I’m one of them. If someone wants a single ticket for the game let me know. You’ll have to pick it up and you might collect more than the ticket as I currently have covid, but the offers there.
  10. Yearbyred

    Paul Merson on BBC1 now

    Enjoyed the programme and hold no grudges at all against Merson. Was absolutely superb for us as a player. I assume I was upset about his comments about the club at the time but the good outweighs the bad in my books.
  11. Yearbyred

    Money / Legal advice please

    I can’t offer any specific advice but I know how worrying and upsetting it is after having to go through it last year with my mum. Looked at all the options and the costs were horrific. Wish you all the best.
  12. Yearbyred

    Boro v Marseille Thread

    Yes we need a few new players as the squad looks very thin but that was a decent performance. All the new lads impressed and we scored 2 good goals against strong opponents. Kit looks great too.
  13. Yearbyred

    boro marseille game on french tv

  14. Yearbyred

    boro marseille game on french tv

    I’m watching with the sound off. Excellent stream. First impression, nicest looking Boro kit in a long time.
  15. Yearbyred

    boro marseille game on french tv

    Well I cant go as I have suspected covid and would have paid for a boro stream. But I've hopefully found a free stream so I'll watch that.
  16. Yearbyred

    England v South Africa at Durham

    Not a good pitch for a ODI, not helped by the baking hot weather. Pitch getting slower and lower as the game goes on and scoring not easy. Not a great spectacle. Hopefully a better pitch at Headingley on Sunday.
  17. Yearbyred

    England v South Africa at Durham

    Watching on Tv and amazed at the amount of people not even with a hat on. Crazy to sit all day in this heat like that.
  18. Yearbyred

    Is anyone else loving the heat?

    No it’s far too hot. Mid 20’s absolutely fine. This isn’t pleasant to work or sleep in. Not good for my dog either.
  19. Yearbyred

    The Best of Bob Mortimer

    He went to Green Lane School so definitely Acklam (he played in the same school team as Mark Page). I love this sketch - the fact he can’t remember his characters name and just everything about it.