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  1. fella

    Gazette headline: How many people live in your part of Teesside and its changed in the past decade

    The headline hurts my head. It's not right, right?
  2. fella

    Anyone had an Asda grocery shop delivered recently?

    Got my first coming tomorrow, but the delivery process seems weird. They say they don't use bags, so am I expected to use my own bags to bag everything up from the delivery crates at my doorstep?
  3. fella

    It's nearly 2am

    Anyone else still up for reasons other than work? Just having a seriously rough day or two?
  4. fella

    Anyone know what was going on in Saltburn at about 5 today?

    Know we have a couple of other Saltburnites on here. Police had Marske Road blocked off at the church. Assuming a car crash. Hopefully nothing serious. Not seen anything on the news or social media.
  5. fella

    World cup qualification. How many games?

    Seems like a daft question, but struggling to find an answer after some Googling. Do we play everyone in our group twice, one home and one away? 10 games total.
  6. fella

    Dennis from Redcar & Cleveland with Polly.

    Where you at brother? You ok?
  7. fella

    Anyone been out and about doing any non essential shopping today?

    Was it mental? Long queues? I need a few things and it'd be nice to not pay for and wait for delivery. (I've seen the Primark pics, but that place is a law unto itself)