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    Bundesliga Advice

    Planning a long weekend in Germany near the end of October with the boy to go and watch some live Bundesliga. The aim is to try and get to games on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday prior to heading home, fixtures permitting. Will probably stay in Dusseldorf to be within striking distance of the...
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    Car electrics question...

    Weird thing going on with my car - has been since I got it to be honest, but is more of an irritation than a real problem, but curious as to whether it's common, easily solvable etc... Anyway, so the car has a DAB radio (factory standard) which works fine, unless I've got something charging via...
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    Have I remembered this correctly...?

    Massimo Maccarone... Before he signed for us, I was watching some Italian U-21 game - assume vs England, otherwise why would it have been on the TV? Anyway, all the talk was about this young Italian playmaker who was about to be the next big thing. And he was very good, but got upstaged by...
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    Peak Guardian in the letters page...

    "sliding on their knees" Absolutely unforgiveable.