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  1. Derby_Red

    Band names

    Erimus Infant Hercules
  2. Derby_Red

    Ever been in the away end?

    Not been in the away end at Boro, though we did go into the South Stand near the Basel fans to suck the ball in (it worked), that's as close as I've got. Last time in the home end (when Boro were away) was at Blackpool for the late 2-1 win at Christmas. Nice.
  3. Derby_Red

    The best concert/gig you've been to

    Japan, Newcastle City Hall, October 1982. Was my first gig so that's probably a factor, but still.
  4. Derby_Red

    Sunbathing, the English way ...

    This thread reminds me of a photo in the Gazette not so long back of the "Blytholme Club on Tour" in Blackpool featuring me dad and his mates, all in cardigans and flat caps, looking like blokes in their 50s. Took me too long to realise that they'd actually have been in their 30s when the...
  5. Derby_Red

    The Friday beer and music thread

    PS special mention to Slow Readers Club, excellent as always, as support.
  6. Derby_Red

    The Friday beer and music thread

    Tonight I will be re-living the wonderful event at Castlefield Bowl on Tuesday by supping several bottles of Camerons Strongarm whilst playing the songs from the Pixies setlist. Probably be more sober tonight than at the time though, but will still join in with 'community singing'. Epic.
  7. Derby_Red

    Who is a viable candidate for PM?

    Good shout
  8. Derby_Red

    Johnson to resign shortly it would seem

    Just a note to applaud you on your relentless asssertions regarding the UK parliamentary process and its constitution. I feel your pain, but wholeheartedly support you in your efforts :D
  9. Derby_Red

    Grant Leadbitter back at Boro

    This is great news!
  10. Derby_Red

    Ryan Giles

    Get in! (y) (y)
  11. Derby_Red

    “ oven-ready”

    He wants a fight - it's the only way he can satisfy the support base. He needs something like a distractive emotionally charged anti-EU campaign to keep him in power. There was a little Austrian lad who adopted the same victim mentality. See also other current dictators..
  12. Derby_Red

    Bands who should have been bigger

  13. Derby_Red

    Silence of The Rams

    It's already right next to a huge Sainsburys, but I take your point. Flats or yet more car outlets maybe.
  14. Derby_Red

    How you know when you are past it

    Thing that increasingly happens is when chatting to work colleagues (who are your peers), and they happen to mention their parents who you then find out are younger than you. Up until that point I've thought we were the 'same' age. Sigh.
  15. Derby_Red


    Have you no self-respect or integrity?
  16. Derby_Red

    Brexit visually represented

    In fact they were expressly told they would retain the benefits of EU membership without the cost. Incredible industrial-scale lying that has continued unabated.
  17. Derby_Red

    Transport Secretary doing the rounds.

    That's even worse - p ssed with official documents sprayed about.
  18. Derby_Red

    If you don't live on Teesside, who is your local team and do you go and watch them?

    Borrowash Victoria - not got round to seeing them yet, but they play in red and white stripes so it's a difficult one. Obvs Derby County are only slightly further away, but y'know.