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  1. BoroMart

    Rodrigo Muniz

    Being cryptic about his future again, for the record I think the rest of the sentance was " be playing football". He's desperate to come here get it done.
  2. BoroMart

    QPR view & Predictions

    Looking forward to the match at the weekend, just had a quick nosey on over at a QPR board. Predictions for the weekend, only 3 of the first 13 people to respond predict a QPR win. 5 expecting a defeat. Only 5 of 18 responses think they will make the play offs, and general consensus think a...
  3. BoroMart

    How Happy would you be if our transfer business....

    finishes with Muniz and Armstrong, plus Choudrey and Elliot Anderson for midfield and Greaves as a LCB?
  4. BoroMart

    Is it noon cut off for new signings?

    If so I'm guessing what we have is what we go with vs West Brom. The closest new signing now is Hoppe the american lad. Because he is a yank and lives in the EU we will have to wait for a work permit application which could be a couple of weeks I'd guess.
  5. BoroMart

    Boro vs Sheff Wed in Portugal

    Apparently we played them in a 4 x30 min closed doors friendly a couple of days ago. Anyone got any further info on it?
  6. BoroMart

    other absentees from yesterdays training video

    Grant Hall, Djed Spence, Uche Ikpeazu and Chuba Akpom. I guess these are all off then as they didn't have international duty but are not back at rockliffe?! No surprises in that lot.
  7. BoroMart

    RETAINED LIST: out on No major shocks there
  8. BoroMart

    Player Season Review

    So the curtain comes down, some great highs, such as the cup games, and lows like today and Sheff Utd away. Keepers 5 : lacking a real first choice keeper, a game winner. Lumley - 4 - looked good for 3 or 4 games, then gave away another soft clanger Daniels - 5.5 - far better than Lumley...
  9. BoroMart

    Hull match

    Despite being bang out of form, Hull are unbeaten in 5 away games and have only conceded 1 in 5! Sheff U 0-0 Hull QPR 1-1 Hull Peterborough 0-3 Hull Birmingham 0-0 Hull Coventry 0-2 Hull That's some run for them, tomorrow won't be a simple job, need to be patient. They're missing their big...
  10. BoroMart

    Liverpool vs Forest

    Wish we had drawn Liverpool instead of Chelsea. Chelsea paid us the respect of playing all their big players from the start and even changing formation to stop our strengths......Liverpool play a reserve side with about 8 changes, and look powder puff. They've totally underestimated Forest
  11. BoroMart

    Ofcom revoke Russia Today broadcast licence

    with immediate effect. Brilliant, but can they now do the same for (K)GB News
  12. BoroMart

    Derby about to go pop?

    Apparently the only people that had a firm bid on the table (The Binnies) have had it rejected by the administrators (Quantuma) for being "too low" at £30m for the club and stadium. If that is what they were prepared to offer, and they were the only firm bidders where does that leave Derby...
  13. BoroMart

    time for rotation?

    Wilder has been steadfastly sticking to the same XI as much as possible. Lumley, Dijksteel, Fry, McNair, Howson, Crooks, Tav, Jones have played every game they have been available. But with the games coming thick and fast we probably need to rotate a bit. Looks like we will have McGree and...
  14. BoroMart

    Promotion Mini-league

    We're at that time of year when promotion 6 pointers start to come thick and fast and have a massive impact on the table. So with in mind I'll keep an eye and post how it's going on here. At this stage, I'll keep the top 10 teams in my stats, and how those teams are doing against each other. We...
  15. BoroMart

    Melvyn Morris crawls from under his rock

    I see there is a supposed statement from him stating he will personally go to court with Gibson if he wants to and will take ownership of any debt. Seems like a pathetic attempt to bay to the derby dunderheads and repair a little of his reputation by seeming like a white knight. Firstly, as...
  16. BoroMart

    Kav Watch

    Made his senior debut, got the final 19 mins for Harrogate away to Stevanage, had an opportunity to score but didn't hit the target and then set up Luke Armstrong with an opportunity that got blocked.
  17. BoroMart

    More trouble for Derby

    another transfer embargo as they have failed to prove a viable business model to pay all debts and fulfill all fixtures. This means that Phil Jagielka's contract that ran out last week cannot be renewed and he has left the club. That's a big blow to them
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    Signed lets hope he is as good as they say
  19. BoroMart


    Starts for Arsenal against the makems on sky now...number 26
  20. BoroMart

    Boro behind the scenes revamp

    So things look like they are starting to come together, with a real emphasis on getting recruitment and youth progrsssion right. Sad to lose Graeme Lee to Hartlepool, that probably wasn't in the plan but creates opportunities. Tinkler has progressed up to U23s from U18s, so a new U18 coach is...