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  1. Gains

    Striker signs contract!

    Would have had better effect if you'd just put "Striker signs"
  2. Gains

    Is the Middlesbrough area the hardest place in Britain?

    Increase in knife crime is worrying. I read Teesside is worse than London per capita. The young desire to appear hard is almost laughable but when carrying a knife is part of that, many lives can be destroyed from the refusal to back down.
  3. Gains

    Rip “Paulie”

    RIP Tony Sirico, fantastic actor in the Soprano's and only took the role on the condition Paulie wouldn't turn out to be a rat due to his links to organised crime in his younger days.
  4. Gains

    Birmingham City to be bought by.......

    Heard that interview. Simon Jordan absolutely destroyed everything he said, worrying for Brum. Edit: I was referring to the one a few weeks ago - not heard todays.
  5. Gains

    Cleveland Show

    Part of my childhood. Did think it became stale but that was probably my age, now I have 2 grandkids age 4 and 5 I would have took them. Shame it's no more but I think it had lost its appeal to young adults.
  6. Gains

    Ryobi drive/patio cleaners.

    I’m in the same boat but I have lots of Ryobi tools so battery isn’t an issue. Was considering this as have block paving front drive and some at the back, so I might invest if you’re saying it’s decent
  7. Gains

    The Killers- Parking

    What will be worse? Driving out of town after the concert or getting a taxi?
  8. Gains

    Boro v Barnsley November 82

    It happened to us too. We borrowed Man Utd's kit away to City the year before.
  9. Gains

    5 Players middlesbrough should sign opinion article.

    That sentence alone renders the article null and void. The writer should never be taken seriously again.
  10. Gains

    Metro centre or McartherGlen?

    Did the planned designer village at Scotch Corner ever open?
  11. Gains

    Who is going to see the killers next week?

    Just seen Gumtree has some locally. Go to their house to collect is much better.
  12. Gains

    Who is going to see the killers next week?

    They don't make as much from singles or albums as they did in those days though. Sure I heard someone on the radio say that's why concert tickets are so high now.
  13. Gains

    Who is going to see the killers next week?

    Considering buying some tickets from eBay? Is that wise?
  14. Gains

    BBQ Ideas?

    Sounds like your needs are the same as mine. I've got Napoleon TravelQ PRO 285 Portable Gas BBQ Get's put back in garage when finished with, easy to clean, easy to set up. It comes with grills and I've bought the plates - perfect for steaks and my speciality signature Gains burgers (actually...
  15. Gains

    Boro's European coverage vs Rangers'

    I wondered exactly the same when many of the speakers at Prime Ministers questions yesterday lunch time wished Rangers good luck. I was in Eindhoven too and away a few days so missed any coverage and had no desire to watch it when I got back.
  16. Gains

    Let Wilder go

    Let's be honest. If Wilder goes it's for money. And at the end of the day if I was 54 and someone offered to double my money to do the same job, I'd go. It's a job innit?
  17. Gains

    Matt Crooks working in the ticket office

    Agree. SPL, League 2, League 1, Championship. Started at the bottom and continuously improved.
  18. Gains

    Whats the isiah situtaion ?

    I recently had a virus, not Covid. Knocked **** out of me for 2 weeks, and was 100 times worse than when I had Covid.
  19. Gains

    Is anyone still arguing that Lumley is not a liability?

    Criticism is fair enough. Awful goal to concede today. But we are stuck with him, Daniels clearly can’t play the sweeper keeper role Wilder wants and we don’t know if Sol Brynn can, who was simply brought back as third choice in case we got an injury. However because we’re likely stuck with...
  20. Gains

    Matt Le Tissier

    Dangerous man. Attempting to go down the David Icke route but lacks the intelligence. Comes across as a bit of a paranoid mentalist instead.