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  1. AC Jimbo

    Muniz on the bench for Fulham

  2. AC Jimbo

    Away kit

    Just been in the club shop to enquire about the away kit. We've been trying to order a kits one for the lads birthday next month but all sizes online are showing as sold out. I asked perfectly reasonable questions such as: Do you know when more sizes will be available online? Do you know if...
  3. AC Jimbo

    We looked really tired today

    Which is a bit of a concern for the first game of the season. Jones in particular looked gone after 70 minutes.
  4. AC Jimbo

    I’m going to go out on a limb here

    Zack Steffen is/will be our best goalkeeper since Mark Schwarzer. He is far too good to be playing in the Championship in my opinion. He is far better than I expected as an actual goalkeeper. The save he made with his face in the second half was too notch. His pace off his line to make himself...
  5. AC Jimbo

    And its Rooney!

    Rooney wins. I can't help but think that this is a very good thing in the battle against tabloid papers invading peoples privacy. The judges written judgement should make very interesting reading.
  6. AC Jimbo

    From the outside looking in we are an absolute shambles

    If the Tavernier news is true, which I have no doubt is now it is being widely reported across various news outlets, then we are in an absolutely shocking state 72 hours before the season starts. We play a formation they features 3 central midfielders and two strikers, let have left the squad...
  7. AC Jimbo

    Zack Steffen

    I don’t think it can be underestimated how important having a goalkeeper with Steffen’s attributes is going to be to us this season. It completely transforms the way we play.
  8. AC Jimbo

    New pet hate

    It’s becoming common place these days for players when they sign for a new club to refuse to sign anything to do with their old club when greeting supporters. I find it really odd and it seems to be spreading. It was so bizarre the other day seeing Raheem Sterling literally recoil at being...
  9. AC Jimbo

    Conte comments on Spence

    Conte has said that he never had any interest in signing Spence and it was a club decision. Interesting.. I can't imagine Conte being the type of manager to change his lineup to include a player the club have signed over his head, especially when he has spent all summer playing Lucas Moura as...
  10. AC Jimbo

    Away kit official photos

    Now official
  11. AC Jimbo

    Safe standing green light

    I wonder when Boro will move on this. The south stand in particular would be ideal for it Link
  12. AC Jimbo

    New keeper kit

    All grey/silver
  13. AC Jimbo

    Todays team

    Who is Smith? And Finch at 11?
  14. AC Jimbo

    New Regent Cinema in Redcar

    All seems to have gone very quiet with regard to an operator for it. From the outside it looks fantastic. I just hope its not a massive white elephant. I can't believe the council committed to rebuilding it without a contract in place for an operator.
  15. AC Jimbo

    Wilder not expecting any other senior departures, apart from Spence

    Link Says so here, which is good news. The so called "surprise departures" haven't really happened though have they?
  16. AC Jimbo

    Glastonbury - the future

    Watched McCartney last night and have seen quite alot over the weekend from the festival and it's got me thinking - they are going to struggle with impressive headline acts very soon I think. Taylor Swift is a shoo-in for next for me, as she was announced for 3 years ago but wasn't available...
  17. AC Jimbo


    His agent has stated he wants a new challenge. Would be an unreal signing for any Championship club.
  18. AC Jimbo

    Anyone ever been to Heraklion area of Crete

    Off there next week so was wondering if anyone has had any experiences or suggestions of places to go or things to see? Is there a market day? I love a good foreign market.
  19. AC Jimbo

    Where is all the money going to go?

    So, a superb week ends with Liam Roberts (free), Ryan Giles (loan) and Darragh Leninhan (free) all through the door before June is out. If reports are to be believed, and the rumours about the 3 players above were all spot on, Karl Darlow (loan), Dwight Gayle (loan) and Adam Armstrong (loan) are...
  20. AC Jimbo

    The discussions about badges and rebranding

    I have read quite alot recently about Boro badges and the possibility of the club launching some kind of rebrand that would incorporate a new badge. Whilst I don't think the club will have any appetite at all to change the badge, I think a more realistic prospect would be the club being lobbied...