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  1. Beverleyred

    Tyne Tyne tv

    I doubt anything has ever changed since Roger Tyne and Duncan Wear ran the show.
  2. Beverleyred

    Sheep shagger spotting

    Borasco Borrego the Portuguese branch, see if you can spot some of their fans carrying a Piri piri chicken sandwich!
  3. Beverleyred

    Hoppe deal agreed..

    Only if they can have BB-8 on the back of their shirts!
  4. Beverleyred

    "I'm sittin' in the railway station"

    The definition of confusion is Fathers Day in Helston!
  5. Beverleyred

    Random foreign striker generator

    Billy Goat-O’Gruff, Home Farm FC, Dublin No ‘kidding’ he will score a bucket full in any ‘Nanny’ state league. You really would be able to sing “feed the goat and he will score”
  6. Beverleyred

    Jacob Greaves

    Living close to Hull and knowing a few of their season card holders, they really do rate this kid and will hang on to him with dear life unless a silly over the odds bid comes in. The regime has completely changed now that Allam has gone, and the Turkish Geezer appears to know his ‘delight’ when...
  7. Beverleyred

    Band names

  8. Beverleyred

    Fry next?

    I can see Stoke as strong favourites, the Northern Ireland connection is there with their under fire Manager, Michael O’Neill. They might even see Paddy as a steadying influence. Who knows eh, just an opinion.
  9. Beverleyred

    Jorgen Strand Larsen

    I’m glad you mentioned your last sentence, I got jumped on here last week when I said that I didn’t think Lenihan looked that big. I was quickly quoted height sizes! I was at York and stood next to him as he alighted the team coach, and a lad close by commented similar thoughts about his...
  10. Beverleyred

    Hannibal Mejbri

    Likes a crunching tackle, so he might attract a few yellow cards. He has a bit of an attitude, but that’s not always a bad thing if it’s managed properly, which I’m sure CW will see that it is. Bring it on.
  11. Beverleyred

    Prince of Pegging!

    I could take umbrage with this comment, however, in my 24 year service I can say with confidence that the only one of the above 3 that interested me was the RUM.😀 splice that mainbrace !!
  12. Beverleyred

    Clue me up on Cyprus

    It’s a sort of a very slow cooked beef stew made with cinnamon sticks. It’s very tasty. Let me know if you get to have one, and what you think of it mate.
  13. Beverleyred

    Clue me up on Cyprus

    Decent Chinese just up from the Kings Shopping Mall. Most of the local restaurants do a decent beef stifado, which is well tasty, even if it does sound rude!
  14. Beverleyred

    Matthew Hoppe

    All we need now is a Jonny Jump and we’ll have a Hoppe, Skippy and a Jump!
  15. Beverleyred

    We've accepted a bid of £12m for Tav

    Sky are reporting an agreed fee of £10m plus £2.5m add-ons
  16. Beverleyred


    Ey up Newy, does that mean you have to behave yourself 😹
  17. Beverleyred


    Perhaps the simple explanation is that Tav is just moving lockers. It happens.
  18. Beverleyred

    Best Forss headline of the season competition

    Zak Steffan will refer to him flying into the box as Air Forss One!
  19. Beverleyred

    Dael Fry

    I have watched Lenihan a few times in pre-season and he has all the attributes of a natural leader. My only concern is that he doesn’t look the tallest of Centre backs, which means any striker worth his salt would take the aerial advantage. Possibly nothing in it, but it will be interesting to...
  20. Beverleyred

    What happens after Gibbo?

    S t e p h a n i e input, input S t e p h a n i e