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  1. theredrooster

    Ben Gibson Norwich Podcast Interview

    Struggling to sleep tonight so was browsing through you tube and an interview with Ben Gibson on a Norwich podcast that has just been released popped up. It's worth a watch as they go through his early career at Boro, discuss what went wrong in the play off final and Boro's shocking...
  2. theredrooster

    Necessary Evil - Moving House Recommendations

    Hi all, currently in the process of moving house for the first time in a long while and wondered if anyone could recommend some reliable leeches, sorry solicitors to manage the whole conveyancing, for both sale and purchase. A quick forum search showed a short thread where Merritts of Yarm...
  3. theredrooster

    Stange Adverts on fmttm (part 437!)

    I know adverts on this site has come up a few times previously but this latest one I've started seeing is just plain weird and looks very dodgy to me (and before anyone starts and says adverts are linked to your browsing history I've not been anywhere near any naughty nudie sites either!).
  4. theredrooster

    Lethal Striker - How is this even possible?

    Just read the article below about previous Boro loanee and serial underachiever Lukas Nmecha, who is ripping it up in Belgium with 9 goals in 14 games, and has Kompany gushing over him. Is it April 1st as the striker I watched couldn't hit a barn door?! I know some may say "yes but it's...
  5. theredrooster

    Halloween Punmeisters!

    As a lover of pitiful puns I sadly enjoyed these awful Halloween player puns in this marketing piece on the mfc website. Can anyone do any better with Boro players or otherwise? I'll start by scraping the bottom of the...
  6. theredrooster

    The Master from 12 yards out.........

    See Leadbitter slotted the winner for the Mackems today. When he was on pens for us he never looked like missing. I was really pleased to see him back scoring, celebrating and generally looking happy. I really hope he's turned the corner and...