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  1. festa5

    That is shocking - ref comments to wilder

    All about opinions but if a ref says "he wasn't strong enough" particularly when you're talking about an incident like that where it's going to take minimal effort to knock the keeper off balance so he misses the ball, then the ref is unintentionally admitting he got it wrong. He's saying he's...
  2. festa5

    The three in midfield

    Don't know enough about O'Hare myself but seems highly rated by those who do. He wouldn't be cheap, but weren't Burnley quoted something like £8-9m? So we know we can get him for that much. We apparently weren't planning on selling Tav so investing most of that money on a young, but finished...
  3. festa5

    Where are PM, Chancellor?

    I don't know if he'd want one of those jobs. He'd probably take it, but part of me suspects he likes being the disrupter or **** stirrer too much. He's also actually pretty lazy, so might not fancy the extra work it'd entail. I have the misfortune of working for Cabinet Office and he literally...
  4. festa5

    Where are PM, Chancellor?

    You're right of course. He doesn't have a clue what he's talking about though. It'll never happen. A lot of people are only putting up with the **** of working under this government because of family friendly policies like flexi time. They take that away a lot of people will be forced to leave...
  5. festa5

    Akpom or Watmore

    Bit of a mistake not involving Akpom fully in pre-season in hindsight. Club have definitely (not for the first time) misjudged how difficult the transfer market was going to be. Also a bit of an error of judgement on Wilder's part to write him off without seeing him kick a ball. Don't want to...
  6. festa5

    Do you think Dael Fry is off

    Are there any rumours whatsoever he's being sold? Any clubs interested so far this window? Or are people putting 2+2 together and getting 6? Of course it's possible bids could be in and no-one has found it, but in this day and age it's highly unlikely. Particularly when it's regarding what...
  7. festa5

    Where are PM, Chancellor?

    Don't worry, Jacob Rees **** face is continuing to work hard at his culture wars with the Civil Service. A valuable use of his and Civil Servant's time and resources I'm sure. Obviously they didn't have Flexi time in Victoria England so I can see why the whole concept confuses him 🙄...
  8. festa5

    The first goal

    That goal was down to individual errors, not tactics. We had two chances to stop him and failed. We seem to allow opposition players to get goal side far too easily. I don't know if that's team instructions to try and win the ball back quickly or what, but Dijksteel in particular could easily...
  9. festa5

    That is shocking - ref comments to wilder

    Can tell a lot of people haven't played much football or any contact sport for that matter (including the ref) if they think being stronger would have made any difference. If your arms are up like that and you're reaching to catch a ball it's not a question of strength, it's about balance. It...
  10. festa5

    Gyokeres. Armstrong, Larsen...? No, Forss & Hoppe...

    I think he'll play his best 2 most weeks, as he did with Sheff United. The reason he's rotated while he's been here I think is more because no-one did well enough to really deserve starting every week. I think you've got the cause and effect the wrong way round. We've rotated because they're not...
  11. festa5

    Gyokeres. Armstrong, Larsen...? No, Forss & Hoppe...

    I find it hard to believe people seemingly think we can control what order we get signings in. If we'd already signed a Larsen or a Gyokeres I doubt there'd be much moaning. Funnily enough the bigger targets are harder to sign. That doesn't mean we aren't trying or that Forss and Hoppe are...
  12. festa5

    Boxing controversy

    Don't know about boxing refs, but if you're talking about female pilots I'd completely agree. Wouldn't be confident they'd not get distracted putting their lippy on in the rear view mirror. Not to mention it probably takes them twice as long to park the plane. That's not being sexist, that's...
  13. festa5

    This new signing

  14. festa5

    Derby fans still slagging us off - WSC

    Very weird "worst moment" considering what they've been through. Small time comment from what is very much a small time club these days.
  15. festa5

    Rishi caught on camera saying he'll remove funding from deprived areas

    I'm not quite sure what else: "We inherited a bunch of formulas from Labour that shoved all the funding into deprived urban areas and that needed to be undone. "I started the work of undoing that." Could possibly mean. Or how it could be taken out of context, but defending the indefensible is...
  16. festa5

    Rishi caught on camera saying he'll remove funding from deprived areas

    Usual Tory combination of not really getting "it", trying to play to the audience and stupidity thinking it wouldn't get leaked (he must've known it was being filmed). Nice bit of divide and rule too "listen here, them deprived northerners, they're taking all your money (and it's all labours...
  17. festa5

    A bit embarrassing for Wilder this morning then

    It is when the season starts much earlier than usual. Don't you think it's a bit farcical players moving clubs a month into the season? It should be closed ideally before the season starts. Is it a big deal? Well Wilder for one certainly seems to think so.
  18. festa5

    Chris Wilder Press Conference

    And also are those deals still likely to happen or are they now in doubt or off the cards completely? He doesn't have to name names so can't see why it'd be a problematic question. Seems like an obvious one though.
  19. festa5

    Alexander ‘Boris’ Johnson has finally achieve his parliamentary goal

    I wonder how many of those he bought himself? 🤔
  20. festa5

    Jorgen Strand Larsen

    It does seem like a lot, but to sign a player of similar potential, of a similar age who's already done it in the championship would likely cost twice as much. As others have said all signings carry a risk. I think this one is much less of a risk than signing a South American too. Much closer...