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  1. fella


    Look how tiny the chap in blue is!
  2. fella

    Rodrigo Muniz

    Behave. Go to your room.
  3. fella


    Hello chaps! It'd be smashing if we got a point or two today but either way.
  4. fella

    Fulhams new stand prices 😳

  5. fella

    Hoppe deal agreed..

    I Hoppe he's good.
  6. fella

    Ads again

  7. fella

    Ads again

    Yes. Was one until recently, now it's one hiding under another.
  8. fella

    Ads again

    Helpful as ever Trampy. Everyone should aspire to be you.
  9. fella

    Four new strikers is too many

    We want 5! We want 5!
  10. fella

    Random foreign striker generator

    Marvin HAMnes
  11. fella

    It’s Been A While

    Hello there. You still struggling with the webbed fingers?
  12. fella

    Hannibal Mejbri

    I'd sign him for that awesome hair alone.
  13. fella

    Boro and the curse of opening day......

  14. fella

    Semenyo Brizzle City

    Semen yo!
  15. fella

    Forss medical ongoing now

  16. fella

    Best non vulgar insult

    You egg.
  17. fella

    Electric Car Advice

    You'd he better off plugging a hen in to a lemon overnight and riding the hen to work. If your Tesla breaks down, you can't just eat the pesky thing can you? Q.E.D.
  18. fella

    How many faces can you see?

    116 if you count the something or other.
  19. fella

    Paul Merson on BBC1 now

    Soz gadge.