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    Who are the players ‘over the line’

    That CW is referring to?
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    So gut feeling - which strikers will we get?

    I think Gyokeres, Muniz and Armstrong I would be ecstatic
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    Emil Riis Jakobsen scored 20 goals last season in all comps

    24 years old - a bid of 5 to 8 million will surely get him He's only going to get better.
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    Gyokeres and Muniz up front

    Would be a dream pairing for us Let’s hope it happens
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    Hydraulic brakes on a Bike help please

    Went out on the bike today and suddenly the brake was so tight to use and the front wheel locked up. I think that the fluid in the brake may have expanded with the heat and I know there is an easy way to let the fluid out but I have not got a clue - do I need to have this done by a bike repair...
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    This would be some signing

    Hope we get this lad Go on Boro - make it happen!
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    Re: Balogun- are we missing a trick?!

    Scored again for England U21s I think this lad could be special next season and I hope we loan him again
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    Exactly what we need
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    Jean Michaël Seri released by Fulham

    He is a cracking midfielder - someone will snap him up
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    Flo Balogun next season

    He will go out on loan again and do very well I think we should take him again - he is only going to get better.
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    Iverson or Darlow??

    It's a toughie! But my preference would be Iverson - he is younger and although he may not have the experience of Darlow - he is currently plying his trade in the Championship.
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    TAA - what a player!

    Love watching him play.
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    If Sheff Utd and Boro finish level on points and goal difference...

    How is the sixth place determined if both finish in sixth?
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    That game in hand we have - could be crucial

    Somehow we get the two wins at home and two draws away - it could be enough.
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    Our remaining games look difficult

    The only thing in our favour is that the teams we have to will attack us rather than shut up shop
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    Englands squad depth is frightening

    I can only see semi finals again at least in the WC
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    With hindsight I’m not sure we should have let him leave Played well with Sporar
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    Russia / NATO in April 2022

    How do you see this situation in a couple of months from now?
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    Just finished Gomorrah

    Absolute epic series Brilliant and up there with the Sopranos Boardwalk The Wire etc.
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    DJed Spence - I may have got it wrong

    Watching him today Looks like his head has been turned There is probably an attitude problem there. Diego you may be right If he goes into the Premiership then he needs to be consistent CW might have got this one right and if it gets us 10 to 12 million then it’s a great outcome