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  1. Adi_Dem


    Really really like the look of this lad. For me one of our better players yesterday. My only criticism was he tried to do too much a couple of times and wasted good opportunities to play others in. But definitely my kind of midfielder.
  2. Adi_Dem

    Wilder has a blind spot with Connolly

    Wilder has been brilliant since he arrived. It’s undeniable. It’s also undeniable that today there were any number of players well below par and deserve criticism. Connolly though put in a carbon copy performance of all of the others he has put in. That’s as well as he can do, and he’s dreadful...
  3. Adi_Dem

    Academy/grassroots advice

    Hoping some of the knowledgeable folk on here might be able to help me. My son is u14 but plays u15 in the Russell Foster league (a long story as to why). At a school tournament a couple of weeks ago he was scouted by Aston Villa. I've been messaging back and forth with the guy from Villa and...
  4. Adi_Dem

    What is the point of VAR?

    Just watching the Liverpool game. How can a referee sit there and watch what that keeper just did and decide no further action was required?
  5. Adi_Dem

    Away form under Wilder

    On the face of it our away form has been pretty poor and it's easy to get wrapped up in that because results are, obviously, all important. But I do think it's worth adding a bit of context. We all know we are short. The tune Wilder has got out of this group of players in terms of results...
  6. Adi_Dem

    This is embarrassingly bad

    Absolutely no excuse for this. We’ve been appalling away from home for quite some time now but this is the worst of the lot. We are being out worked, out played and out thought. Completely unacceptable. Wilder needs to address this.
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    I’m really sorry but he offers precisely nothing. I’m not saying anyone has done anything particularly well in this game and our away performances are appalling (Wilder has to improve them) but goodness me this lad is poor.
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    Rate the Riverside managers

    Inspired by the Warnock thread and unashamedly lifted from the midfielders thread I thought this might be an interesting one. So here are the Riverside managers in chronological order (ignore the caretakers I guess): Robson Venables McClaren Southgate Cooper Strachan Agnew (1) Mowbray Venus...
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    No red card for this?

  10. Adi_Dem

    P 20 W 12 D 4 L 4

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    Chris Wilder is a genius

    Well, maybe! Was chatting last night and got onto the subject of how good Chris Wilder could potentially be for us. The turnaround since he arrived has been nothing short of astonishing. I saw a stat yesterday that said there were 26 passes in the build up to Albert's goal. In Warnock's last...
  12. Adi_Dem

    Derby County Football Club 2022 Limited I don’t intend to comment on this. It could be nothing. I thought it might be of interest though.
  13. Adi_Dem

    There’s something special happening here

    It’s hard to put your finger on but this genuinely feels like something is building here. It may not end with promotion this season but I think that promotion is coming. The contrast between how well we are now playing compared with just a few months ago is stark. The speed with which Wilder...
  14. Adi_Dem

    Nathan Wood

    I’m sorry to say he’s been really really poor today.
  15. Adi_Dem

    Sam McQueen - forced to retire

    I think this is really sad news.
  16. Adi_Dem

    The Warnock big book of excuses

    Poor results, odd comments, fans’ discontent….. usually ends only one way.
  17. Adi_Dem

    Lots of anti-Marxists in Hungary

    Thoroughly disgusted watching that last night. Yet again though it was entirely predictable. Time for proper punishments. Sir Gareth though continues to impress with his thoughtful, dignified and statesmanlike response.
  18. Adi_Dem

    Bloody Bausor.......

  19. Adi_Dem

    4pm kick off tomorrow?

    Have I missed something? Why is it a 4pm kick off?