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  1. Scrote

    Newcastle concentrating on the League

    Sensible decision. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  2. Scrote

    Richard Dimbleby Lecture - Sarah Gilbert and the Covid Vaccine

    On BBC 1 now (so will be on catchup). Really interesting talk about how the vaccine was developed and why/how it was done quickly. It answers a lot of the usual questions from the anti-vaxxers who don't think it took long enough.
  3. Scrote

    Happy Freedom Day!

    I'd join you all for a drink but I'm busy isolating...
  4. Scrote


    Why have they all got the same pumps on? Are they special ones to go with the suits or is there something else going on - sponsorship..?
  5. Scrote

    ITV are awful re. Laser lights in Schmeichel's eyes

    Why did the ITV anchor draw huge amounts of attention to the green laser pointed at Schmeichel when the last time it happened (Rooney) it turned out to be a press camera range-finder? The commentary is bad enough as it is. BBC should just do all England games.
  6. Scrote

    Warnock: Even the music was quite good in the dressing room tonight, I enjoyed that.

    So what do we reckon was playing? Who do we think was playing the stuff he didn't like? Should I send him one of my CDs? 😲
  7. Scrote

    Must W**k Harder

    Trying to work out what Gary Neville is trying to tell us...
  8. Scrote

    Apologies for swearing

    Why do the commentators bother with the apology when no-one does anything about it? If the swearing is a problem then why can't the referees issue a yellow card. Put the responsibility on the players rather than the TV companies. *******.
  9. Scrote

    Music - Artist Routefinder

    Not sure if the title helps at all but this is a dinky little tool for finding a musical path between two artists on Spotify. Not every artist is available but I've found some interesing stuff while messing around. Boil the Frog @asredastheycome @goalscrounger
  10. Scrote

    Diane Abbott gets it wrong again...

    Oh no, hang on, it was the Vaccines Minister, Nadim Zahawi, twice telling interviewers that April came before March to show how the March 8th date for school opening was fine. For some reason it isn't headline news...
  11. Scrote

    "VAR is not there to get the correct decision" - BT Sport Ref

    "Clear and obvious" mistakes from the referee don't translate to the referee not giving a decision when it's fairly clear a decision should have been given. Utter farce.
  12. Scrote

    VAR is appalling. Part 417: Arsenal v Wolves

    Traore bursting into the box. Takes a tumble. Gets a yellow for simulation. Replays show he got his foot trodden on. VAR check takes place. How is it NOT a penalty? Even if the "clear and obvious" bar isn't met for the penalty (which would imply the ref saw the foul but decided not to give...
  13. Scrote

    VAR is appalling. Part 396: BHA v Liverpool

    Ben White makes a wonderful tackle which the ref thinks is a foul worthy of a yellow. VAR does a check to see if it should be red and sees that it is clearly a good tackle and not a foul. Liverpool put the ball in the net from the free-kick (ruled out for offside, but not the point). Ben...