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  1. Muttley

    Football shirt designs - chocolate bars!?

    A Twitter thread, some of these are better than a lot of the tat we see in club shops!
  2. Muttley

    Michael Chopra and gambling

    Interesting article on the BBC about Michael Chopra and his problems with gambling. He turns out in the FA Cup for West Allotment Celtic away to Penrith but the article shows how he got addicted to gambling, starting with slot machines and getting to the point where he was pursued by loan...
  3. Muttley

    Prince of Pegging!

    Is trending on Twitter (don't google "pegging" on a work PC!) The Royal Family really are a car crash apart from Liz2 (or perhaps her proclivities have been better hidden). If it's not Dumb Prince Chuck wanting to be a feminine hygiene product the next in line wants to be "pegged" but the...
  4. Muttley

    Portable BBQs

    I'm toying with the purchase of one of these for the summer (yes I have a proper charcoal BBQ in the garden) but this would be useful to take on days out and such. Has anyone got one because the options are a touch baffling! Cadac Safari Chef 30 Couple of questions for the hivemind 1. Are...
  5. Muttley

    Darlo secedes and moves to Scotland? - Sunak

    "Man of the people" Rishi Sunak just declared that, "The people of Darlington don't want an independence referendum." Well yes we do daft lad and we want "Oor FREEDOM!"
  6. Muttley

    Sky change Sheff Utd game

    We're now 2pm on Sunday. Thanks for nowt cnuts
  7. Muttley

    Let's see yerr hounds and moggies.

    Nothing like some pictures of dogs and mogs (not the haunted pencil type) to cheer you up Meet Monty. A small crazy terrier of indeterminate parentage.
  8. Muttley

    We've got the best Tavernier brother.

    Last night was probably the first time I've watched a whole Rangers game and it was odd watching Tav the Elder, some of the mannerisms are almost weirdly identical to Marcus. But what I saw was that "Our" Tav seems quicker more influential and more skilful compared to his older brother. It...
  9. Muttley

    National Limerick Day

    I've got a feeling, a notion Perhaps it's just my emotion We're on the way up Perhaps win a cup But certainly get a promotion Eye thang ewe
  10. Muttley

    Chuffing Hot Action - do you want some? know you do! Live webcam of the Steam Gala at Bridgnorth on the Severn Valley Railway. Looks to be a lovely day for it!
  11. Muttley

    Liverpool v Man Utd

    Liverpool lose - their PL gone Man Utd lose - their Champs League gone Draw = both miss out Its schadenfreude win/win/win :ROFLMAO: I'm a sad bitter man I know.
  12. Muttley

    Khruangbin - 6 Music Festival

    Just catching up on their 6 Music Festival gig from last night. Khruangbin spaced out funk. Three wonderful musicians on a non stop funk groove. Just found out they have added a date at Leeds Academy so I'm going to see if I can make that work.
  13. Muttley

    Will Sunlun make the Play Offs?

    Seven games to play, looking at their fixtures: 2/04 Home Gillingham (20th) 9/04 Away Oxford United (5th) 15/04 Home Shrewsbury Town (16th) 18/04 Away Plymouth Argyle (4th) 23/04 Home Cambridge United (17th) 26/04 Home Rotherham United (1st) 30/04 Away Morecambe (22nd) They should beat...
  14. Muttley

    Led By Donkeys - Johnson and the Oligarchs

    Not a good name for a band... Line of Duty and Boris Johnson on Russian Oligarchs
  15. Muttley

    Michael Caine - 89 today (Clipathon)

  16. Muttley

    U23s on YouTube v Arsenal

    For any fellow suckers for punishment - in the second half 0-0
  17. Muttley

    Roy Keane

    Didn't watch the City Utd game but just watched Roy Keane almost apoplectic about several United players and Micah Richards p!ssing himself laughing at him. Roy looked as though he wanted to clock him. Watched the goals and the worst one has to Harry Maguire stepping over a ball that De Gea has...
  18. Muttley

    Sporting v City

    Sporting being humiliated 0-4 at half time. Sporting seem to be trying to play City at their own game, with predictable results...
  19. Muttley

    Toon v "Frank Lampard's Everton"

    Everton looked motivated in the cup game and some good signings. Toon motivated by a trip to Saudi... I'm hoping for a... ...I don't honestly know. I don't get the Lampard love-in and I'd love to see the "richest club in the solar system" relegated. Decisions, decisions...
  20. Muttley

    Reacher - Series on Amazon Prime

    Really enjoying these, much closer to the books. The lead is a bit younger and prettier than my mental image of Reacher but everything else is spot on. Cinematography, sound design, fight sequences, etc. I enjoyed the Tom Cruise films but he is not Reacher. I'm on Episode 6 and will probably...