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  1. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Home insurance

    Just another thing that is going up for no reason. My premium for buildings and contents has gone up from £177 to £245 despite not having made a claim for Christ knows how long. Just checked on a comparison site and this is still the cheapest I can get it. Just more businesses thinking ‘why...
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    Boys from the Blackstuff

    On BBC4 now for those who want to escape the news for a couple of hours 👍
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  4. Pak_Doo_Ik

    I’m officially clever(ish)

    I have just had my results for a Business Management Degree I have been doing for the last 3 years through work and university and got a 1st. Not bad for an ex shelf stacking bin man😁
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    On BBC 4 now ❤️
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    A little bit of nostalgia for us older ones

    Brilliant, especially the penalty
  7. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Energy Prices

    Sorry to start another thread in this but it’s proper grating on me how the energy cap works. I thought after the April hike that the price cap was based on actual cost of gas in the preceding months, looking at Martin Lewis and his predictions for the new cap it looks like it’s based on future...
  8. Pak_Doo_Ik

    On this day - 2002

    Probably the last time I was genuinely gutted about England getting knocked out of a tournament. As the clip says ‘cue Oasis’
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    Final scene Series 3 Ted Lasso Leaked

  10. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Dame Sue Gray

    That’s how she will be addressed in the new year Gray and Boris Johnson had private meeting to discuss handling of partygate report, Sky News...
  11. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Competitive Athletes

    When I watch mundane celebrity programmes like Bake Off or Masterchef I often hear the phrase from former sports people that they hate losing and that they would beat their own family just to win a game of Monopoly. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is in fact rubbish, just watching the...
  12. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Wilder - We need a bumper crowd on Saturday

    Not much hope of that I wouldn’t have thought.
  13. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Officially worse off tomorrow

    No sign of pay increase at work, which means my take home pay will be lower due to NI rise. Happy 22/23 tax year everybody!!!
  14. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Inflation Up (again)

    These interest rate rises are really doing their job in stopping the continual rise in inflation. I don’t work in finance and do not have any sort of degree in economics, but I think my prediction of inflation topping 10% this year will be closer than the experts that are the BoE’s prediction of...
  15. Pak_Doo_Ik

    BOE raise Interest Rates

    Up to .75 now. I dread to think what the rate of inflation would be if they didn't raise interest rates :unsure:
  16. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Carling Cup Win

    Just seen this on Twitter and I recognise the guy above the U :). I'm obviously very interested in what the guy in the grey top has to say!!!
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    Surely the head injury suffered by Robin Koch in the Leeds game today shows that independent doctors need to asses head injuries. In an age when we know how much damage heading a ball is doing how can it be right that a player can decide wether he is ok to continue or not???
  18. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Let us be in no doubt

    Unless you are Gwen Stefani, then of course you can be
  19. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Lighting strikes twice

    Some of us knew 😉
  20. Pak_Doo_Ik

    90s day on 6 Music

    Perfect as I have a lot of computer based work today so having this on all day in the background. The BBC may be a biased political tool for the government of the day, but sometimes it is worth the licence fee :)