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  1. Chutney

    West Brom v Watford.

    Watford giving up too much space on their right over and over again. Just saying, Gilesy...
  2. Chutney

    Uche Ikpeazu offer

    I am, most definitely. But even so, getting his wages off the club's books is as good a result as they can hope for. They bought something it turns out they didn't want - diddums. Tidy up and move on.
  3. Chutney

    Uche Ikpeazu offer

    He's been told to find himself a new club. Emphasis on the words "find himself". If the club aren't lifting a finger to make it happen, why should they expect a fee?
  4. Chutney

    Akpom or Watmore

    Having plenty of options - including plenty who expect game time - is desirable, not a problem to solve. The combination of 5 subs, hard pressing and the modern approach to view subs as part of the gameplan, not an alternative to it means they all get to play, no matter who appears to be first...
  5. Chutney

    QPR - Shithousery Mastery

    Very good point, but given the way subs often come on with instructions to dish out then it may be that there wouldn't be enough support from inside the game to ever get this considered. They need that stop in play to allow the sub to be properly introduced into the match.
  6. Chutney

    Things You Wish You Could Unsee

  7. Chutney

    QPR - Shithousery Mastery

    Huh? What are you smoking?
  8. Chutney

    Beth Mead

    Deserves it, like. Hope she's getting absolutely wrecked
  9. Chutney

    Giles v Jones

    I'd hope he learns a lot from watching Giles. Seems the type who would pay attention to that sort of stuff - he'll work out why Giles seems to be the assist king so far. If we get to a point where the supply from each wing is of a similar standard, then regardless of solving other midfield...
  10. Chutney

    That new era at old Trafford

    Wellbeck's been excellent. Half wondered during the summer if it'd be worth a cheeky offer from us for him, but he's still clearly way too good a player to be dropping down yet.
  11. Chutney

    Hoppe deal agreed..

    Feels like the problem with Wilderball is all the positions and roles are so specific is almost impossible to shuffle things about. It's like the opposite of total football.
  12. Chutney

    More signings needed, but...

    Don't think it's remotely sudden. It looked to be lacking in depth to begin with. Letting Payero go removed an option no matter how remote it was, selling Tav broadcast the fact at prime time on all channels. Bringing in one replacement addresses the most recent problem, but solves very little.
  13. Chutney

    Who will play v Barnsley

    Probably also complete b***ks though.
  14. Chutney

    Striker targets

    Yeah, I don't believe that for a second. Probably his way of saying "I'll talk about today's game, but not transfers" which is fair enough, but he oughtn't keep playing this "Transfers? What transfers?" card.
  15. Chutney

    A Paul Merson type signing

    Hands up who never realised exactly how good Merson really was until he played for us? Seemed a bit of a coup when we signed him, closer to a miracle once he started playing.
  16. Chutney

    Hoppe deal agreed..

    Could also provide a bit of midfield cover given his previous, or is that trying to solve too many problems in one go?
  17. Chutney

    Hoppe deal agreed..

    His highlights reel (yes, yes, I know) shows some pretty good pressing, dribbling and passing too. Given that the word on Forss is that he finishes chances and does little else, am wondering if these two could actually be very complementary to each other.
  18. Chutney

    This day 2000 - Robbie Mustoe

    One of our most underrated players ever. Not by us, I hasten to add, but no one else ever got how good a player he was for us.
  19. Chutney

    Boxing controversy

    Well that's alright then. Keep it casual.