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  1. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Megan Thee Stalion!

    My word😲
  2. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Eton College Middlesbrough

    Not sure if this has been posted. Since I've been back in the UK and having studied almost every inch of Teesside in Google Earth, I've noticed 'academies' all over the shop. I guess education in Britain must have been privatised during my hiatus. Its bad enough that Eton has charitable...
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    Talkshiite Radio

    Jamie O'Hara & Jason Cundy acting as Samaritans for suicidal Spuds fans at the moment 😂
  4. Cogeur_le_Conq

    T shirt weather..

    Up north. Meanwhile the BBC have gone into overdrive with talk of the end of the world down south. They must be so disappointed the Russians haven't invaded the Ukraine.
  5. Cogeur_le_Conq

    £25 for Spurs fans

    Cheap at half the price plus they'll have cheap travel laid on. How many they get its still to be determined.
  6. Cogeur_le_Conq

    All the Boro, stick together

    Like it or lump it. This is the squad until the end of the season. Let's get behind ALL of them. Especially those who make individual errors. If the team can do it, then so can we.
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    I have been told...

    that Messi would be available to the Boro for a bottle of Lowcock's Dandelion & Burdock, a bag of alleys, a Dead Shot gattie and a Upex midget pie. The same source told me that the Boro would be willing to accept £40m each for Djed Spence, Dael Fry, Paddy McNair and Marcus Tavernier. Keep it...
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    Wayne Rooney despicable cheat

    I'm no fan of John Terry but there's no excusing this disgusting behavior from Rooney:
  9. Cogeur_le_Conq

    FFS stop looking for negatives

    and individuals to blame for the win. Boro fans? meh!
  10. Cogeur_le_Conq

    if VAR was available against Chesterfield.

    It wouldn't have been used you knobs, as the ref blew for a foul and we wouldn't have had to put up with 25 years(???) of bleating on about whether the dead ball crossed the line or not.
  11. Cogeur_le_Conq

    WTF have I just watched on BBC2?

    Explicit videos of models taking a sh1t from behind against a white background and now people puking on Mary Beard's Forbidden Art
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    Great goal, won an airel battle and ran on to it and wellied it in
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    Board censorship

    I really appreciate the stellar work done by the moderators to keep this Boro board the best and open football discussion forum on the net. It also makes sense to avoid predjucing any ongoing investigations leading to prosecution. In the current political climate, where obvious Westminster...
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    Posted on FB by a Newcastle supporting mate
  15. Cogeur_le_Conq

    How many recent signings been on the radar?

    One thing about the Bauser, Scott and Wilder regime has been the number of new players brought in which haven't been picked up by oportunist journos, and banged on about ages before any eventual signatures. It would be nice to see a couple of surprises.
  16. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Rush on BBC 1 now

    Great film and defo worth a watch for those who haven't yet seen it and remember the rivalry between Hunt and Lauda
  17. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Couple of bewers on Pointless...

    With zero football knowledge managed to get 3 pointless football related answers in the final. I'm well impressed. The answers were, Kazakhstan, Israel and Benin. What was the question?
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    Nostalgia ain't what it used to be..

    Proud to be a Smoggie 🤔
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    I love buses, me like...

  20. Cogeur_le_Conq

    BBC Radio Derby live

    Just about to kick off now