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  1. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Mock the week

    I used to like it, but Hugh Dennis just makes my skin crawl now, so I won't miss it. They try to appear spontaneous, but it is obviously rehearsed and contrived.
  2. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Sunderland vs Coventry

    A goal from nothing
  3. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Full Kit W****ers

    Do Leeds fans still wear those stupid yellow and blue garters in their overturned white socks?
  4. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Satellite dish question

    I had a triple lnb on the roof in Paris when I lived there. The collars holding them were like a ceramicky material which disintegrated due to being in direct sunlight. On a digital satellite system, a weak signal or mal-alignment normally results in pixelation so sounds like it could be an...
  5. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Conte comments on Spence

    Hahahahahahaha! Welcome to the Spurs stiffs Djed Spent. Maybe he'll get loaned to Tooting & Michem as Issy's replacement.
  6. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Sam Gallagher / Antoine Semenyo

    I like to think there's some foundation in Wilder's comments that 2 players have been lined up, once their clubs find replacements. Hopefully they're A listers
  7. Cogeur_le_Conq

    When awaydays were like this 😃

    XG, DC, EF were all Boro I think
  8. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Megan Thee Stalion!

    My word😲
  9. Cogeur_le_Conq

    McCartney at Glastonbury

    His choice of set list was excellent. He got to perform songs off Abbey Road he didn't get the chance to perform live with the Beatles. The only thing missing was Linda's backing vocals
  10. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Has Ameobi been released?

    I didn't know Howson left
  11. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Get well soon Andy McDonald

    He's done a stellar job of calling out BoJo and the tories. Starmer should take a leaf out of his book. Get well soon Andy. The country needs you
  12. Cogeur_le_Conq


    I tend to remain sublimilaly angry throughout the close season if the Boro leave me frustrated following a bad season. On the other hand, I can be annoyingly upbeat if we'd had a successful year.
  13. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Champions League Final Matchday Thread

    Did he play the ball towards Benzema? Yes - so onside Did he deliberately play it off his thigh? No - still onside
  14. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Major Donation to U.K. Conservative Party Was Flagged Over Russia Concerns

    Watched this Financial Times YouTube report last night. We're the most corrupt country on the planet....
  15. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Passports - Additional (2nd) Passport

    A lot of coworkers in the last company I worked for had two passports. One for travelling to Israel another for the rest of the world. The ones I spoke to, told me they just said they lost their original and applied for a replacement, keeping both.
  16. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Burnley Have To Stay Up - Or Else

    The manager's job would be a shoe-in for Rooney, seeing the excellent job he's done for MSD and the administrators appeasing the Derby sheep this season.
  17. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Which Boro Era Deserves a TV Series

    Has to be a period drama in the mould of Peaky Blinders. Set during the period leading up to the Tripe Supper. Then another 146 series 😁
  18. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Huddersfield Vs QPR

    Come on QPR. Put them to bed now
  19. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Tim Robinson (Referee)

    Sky commentators are desperate to find reasons why the pennas shouldn't have been given. They're gutted Bournemouth aren't attacking more
  20. Cogeur_le_Conq

    The difference last night

    The difference between the teams last night was probably about £100 mil. I cba adding up the transfer fees and guessing the wages.