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    Well done England - Now lets ditch that god awful 3 Lions tune

    Another myth the jocks roll out in an attempt to justify their hatred of England is that were always banging on about the 1966 World Cup win. When in truth, they mention it far more than the English.
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    Club Statement on Pitch Invaders

    Lifetime ban is the right call. The kid should also get a ban…circa three years should do it. A parent videoing his kid doing that should be banned from every football ground in the country. Doesn‘t sound like the brightest. Not really fans anyway if their first thought is to do that while...
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    Awful support today

    I thought the crowd were pretty poor really. Similar to Eindhoven, the late kick off means a few hours extra in the pub and the lethargy that comes with it. Yes it doesn‘t help going behind early on but I was genuinely disappointed with the crowd but not too surprised. We did have a good spell...
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    Boro Donate Gate Receipts To Ukraine.

    To make them look bad? They've shown they‘re more than capable of doing that for themselves. Seems a daily occurrence for them. Including today it seems. UTB
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    Abramovich running away

    Giving up the (to him) loose change of Chelsea, which he got by foul means, to save his own cowardly neck. Why was he ever allowed into this country let alone buy a football club. The PM glosses over any direct question asked about him. Its one disgusting turn after another. All lying...
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    Harry Kane and the Referee

    Went right down in my estimation too. Hadn’t realised he was such a whinging fooker. in particular when he was hounding the ref to turn the yellow card to a red. Was nowhere near a red card, there were at least two other Boro defenders back. Spurs were all at it though and made victory all the...
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    The FA v Marc Bola

    ..remind what punishment the 27 year old Kurt Zouma was given by the football authoritie. Remind me what penalty West Ham were given in the Tevez, Mascherano season of cheating…
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    Lee Dixon

    It beggars belief how Dixon keeps that role. He seemed genuinely gutted that the goal had stood. I also though he either hates the Boro or had a big bet on United to win it. But aside from that, what does he actually offer as the co-commentator? i thought those guys were supposed to add...
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    5th Ashes Test Hobart

    Agree….Pick a specialist captain. Morgan would do it. He’ll get some runs too, something we can’t say for most of these guys. Silverwood out, no brainer. It’s no coincidence the one battling draw (albeit helped by rain) was the one in which he was away isolating. …oh and never ever forget to...
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    Words you really like

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    Joey Barton

    I’d never seen that French accent footage before. What the…
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    Name a band that was BIG back in the day, but history has forgotten them?

    Glasvegas. Weren’t they tipped to be the next band of U2 ilk after their first album.
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    Womans football

    It’s still relatively early days for the women’s game so can completely understand the disparity in prize money. One of the things holding back the women’s game for me is the standard of goalkeeping. I’ve seen one or two decent keepers but the vast majority barely make a save that isn’t routine...
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    Marc Bola charged for comments made when he was 14 on social media

    This is priceless. Please please throw them book at Bola so that this can get the maximum airing and whichever d*ckhead thinks this is acceptable can be embarrassed and removed from office and then common sense prevail. I can’t help but reflect at times like this how fckd up the game is and how...
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    Derby County - 9 point deduction (with a further 3 suspended)

    This gets more bizarre (and corrupt) by the hour. In what other walk of life would a criminal get the right to negotiate their punishment. I get there is plea bargaining but thats nit really applicable here. These rules get made up on the hoof I‘m certain. Why the fear of it going to...
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    Ronaldo has scored 787 goals, amazing

    And even finding time to referee the game just now as well the orrible cnut
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    England v india 4th test

    Crazy last hour or so. Bumboy out without facing a ball too
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    Brother in law attacked at match

    What a bunch of low life cowards. if they want to fight, get in a boxing ring or similar. But no….too chicken to do that as its one v one and the other guy hits back. My own young daughter reported being verbally abused by a few middle aged ******* as she walked through the town alone pre...
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    Big Jack Wycombe FAC away 1975

    I was at that game. I remember after the final whistle loads of Wycombe fans getting on the pitch and chanting Brian Moore’s name as they looked up at him on the makeshift tv gantry,
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    Liverpool stripped of world heritage status

    I’d suggest it might affect their tourism, perhaps not immediately but in years to come. As pointed out on here though, a city can’t stop developing for the sake of keeping a title. other than going to watch the Boro I’ve only been to Liverpool once and stayed over. I was really impressed by the...