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  1. TheYorkshireTerrier

    Uche Ikpeazu offer

    Would you take this offer? I'd be inclined to say yes, just to get him off the books and move on.
  2. TheYorkshireTerrier

    Cleveland Police - bikes/off-road vehicles

    I hope no one has had the misfortune of coming across these absolutely reckless, dangerous, idiotic cretins today, but there have been reports and videos of what looks like hundreds of motorbikes and off-road vehicles driving in massive groups through Teesside, straight over or the wrong way...
  3. TheYorkshireTerrier

    Palace vs Arsenal - Premier League Opener

    I fancy Arsenal for this one given the new signings they've made with Jesus hopefully scoring me some Fantasy Team points. Palace no longer having Conor Gallagher will be a big miss. Palace Team: Guatia, Clyne, Guehi, Anderson, Mitchell, Schlupp, Doucoure, Eze, Zaha, Edouard ,Ayew Arsenal...
  4. TheYorkshireTerrier

    Sunderland vs Coventry

    Kick Off 12pm Sunderland team: Gyok starts for Coventry but O’Hare out with a ‘last minute injury’ according to the manager…
  5. TheYorkshireTerrier

    Coulson to Aberdeen

    On loan, only just been confined by Boro.
  6. TheYorkshireTerrier

    Nigel Farage in Redcar…

    For his GB News show, apparently, but the pub that he’s in has been kept very secret. On the website selling tickets (£1.50 and a free drink…) it doesn’t mention the location at all. Anyone know where? Tried to recognise the background but can’t think where, don’t think it’s on the high street...
  7. TheYorkshireTerrier

    Dwight Gayle to Stoke

    According to John Percy of the Telegraph, so that’s another off the list, although we kinda knew that a couple weeks ago. Stoke have made some interesting signings this window, they always seem to do so, but never seem to function. On a permanent I should add.
  8. TheYorkshireTerrier

    PMQs 13/7

    Did anyone watch? Absolute chaos at the very start with two MPs being thrown out, they were Alba Party. Fingers crossed that's the last time we'll have to endure Johnson, his lies, and his embarrassing school boy nicknames. Hopefully Hoyle is replaced as well, that man is a fraud of a speaker.
  9. TheYorkshireTerrier

    Self Help and Personal Development Books

    I have been on a bit of a binge when it comes to these self help and personal development books, mainly as audiobooks whilst on the bike, walking and general exercising, and I'm looking for some more recommendations. Books I've covered so far: Atomic Habits - James Clear Think Like a Monk -...
  10. TheYorkshireTerrier

    How can the club justify these prices...

    £75 for a hoodie, £90 for a jacket, for Errea as well, it's hardly Nike or Adidas. I can't see them shifting many of these at those prices. I quite like the green hoodie but at that price I could go to... 2 home matches.
  11. TheYorkshireTerrier

    Neil Warnock at the Town Hall

    Just added a date at Middlesbrough Town Hall to his ‘Are You With Me’ tour. I’m sure there will be some stories coming out about his time here, maybe we’ll hear more about Spence’s issues if he’s no longer at the club by then. £34 is a bit steep mind.
  12. TheYorkshireTerrier


    Just seen on his Instagram that he’s in Paris, or at least was last night, assuming still on holiday. That or he’ll be playing alongside Mbappe and Messi this season. Any word on when we should be expecting him back? Same goes for Uche. I’ll be surprised if we get a notable fee for either of them.
  13. TheYorkshireTerrier

    Tommy Smith

    Last week's Twitter ITK, 'mungosmum' who correctly stated Ryan Giles would be signing the next day has this morning suggested that Tommy Smith, former Stoke and Huddersfield right back/right wing back will be signing. Would be good cover for Jones, captained Huddersfield to promotion a few...
  14. TheYorkshireTerrier

    Matt Vickers

    Matt Vickers is on Question Time tonight, if anyone wants a laugh, or a cringe. It’s in Newcastle so I take it he was the only North East Tory they could convince to take part. *Edit - ignore this, duplicate post*
  15. TheYorkshireTerrier

    Dwight Gayle

    It is inevitable that we will be linked with this lad until he's holding up another club's shirt but worth sharing anyways.
  16. TheYorkshireTerrier

    Sex Pistols series ‘Pistol’ drops tomorrow

    The Sex Pistols series ‘Pistols’ drops tomorrow (May 31st) on Disney+. It’s had very mixed reviews from what I have seen, mainly due to the casting, but I’m a big fan of Danny Boyle’s work so looking forward to watching it.
  17. TheYorkshireTerrier

    England U21 squad announced

    And Djed Spence and Flo Balogun keep their place. The reason I post this is I was wondering if there are any other players in this squad we could possibly take on loan next season, as we know Wilder likes to bring in young talent from the Premier League. Personally I think whoever can get...
  18. TheYorkshireTerrier

    Neil Warnock is officially...

    on Twitter!
  19. TheYorkshireTerrier

    Payero Tweet

    What do we think?
  20. TheYorkshireTerrier

    Boro Training Video

    I love insights like this. No McNair, hope he's over his illness for Saturday.