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    Uche Ikpeazu offer

    They are taking the pee a bit not in not offering a fee. Seems like his agent has told them to try it on with us. I think he's easily worth 500K. Turkish teams usually have a bit of money.
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    Akpom or Watmore

    Be interesting where we go striker wise now. If Akpom is staying, that means it would be forss, hoppe, akpom and probably one expensive one if we can get them (potentially Larson). Back up option could he Muniz if Fulham get another top striker in. If everything falls away, could be a risk if we...
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    Oli McBurnie stamp

    Having not read up much or seen the video on this, I wondered why he had been charged with assault after their play-off defeat to Notts Forest. I was just expecting to see him waving his arms about at some random fans, but having now seen the albeit brief video, he does look like he put the...
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    Forest bid £35m

    They really seem to be going for it. I would say he's worth 20-25M. If he doesn't sign a new contract and Wolves get 35-40M, that would be great business. However Wolves are short of players, especially upfront. Also, its all very well having money in the bank, if you can't get any of your own...
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    Buy Gyokeres for any price?

    Obviously picking the right ones is key. How much money have teams paid for strikers who haven't scored 20 goals. I bet loads of teams (especially us) have spent 2M, 1.5M on strikers who haven't delivered (Uche and Akpom most recently). I'm sure there will be lots of others. I guess you could...
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    Hi Rob, Not sure if you are aware, but the links on the bottom of the messageboard page don't...

    Hi Rob, Not sure if you are aware, but the links on the bottom of the messageboard page don't work. i.e. when you click on a message board thread, the links at the bottom of the page to Home > Forums > Fly me to the moon > Main Forum don't work, when you click on them. Not sure if this is...
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    Buy Gyokeres for any price?

    It seems half of our fans are happy to keep buying strikers who will get us 5-10 goals at most and call it a success!
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    McAtee loaned to Sheff UTD

    I'm not so sure Choudhury is the answer. He could be one of those who looks better having played with decent players, but when you put him in a regular champo team, he doesn't look like he could make a difference and is similar to the other players. He is a completely different sort of player to...
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    How will we get on before the end of the transfer window?

    With signings being slow to materialise and quite a tough schedule, how do you think we will get on if we have to stick with our current team for most of August? WBA (H) - Draw QPR (A) Sheff Utd (H|) Read (A) Swan (H) Watf (A) Without reinforcements (particularly upfront), I think we will...
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    Carney Chukwuemeka

    Money obviously talks!
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    Buy Gyokeres for any price?

    Whilst we all would love Gyokeres here, I think it's maybe a bit much to say we can definitely afford him whatever the price is. I think 15M is tops (which is a hell of a lot of money for us, with no parachute payments and coming out of covid losses on top of our already massive debt). I think...
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    How many new signings before the QPR game ?

    One thing is for certain. If we don't get his targets, he will be vey peed off and can't see him hanging around beyond the end of the season, if things don't go to plan. Like everyone else, he wants automatic promotion, not just getting in the play-offs.
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    Buy Gyokeres for any price?

    The main reason for advocating buying Gyokeres is that most people see him as a premier league player in the making (personally I think he could play there now). If we got promoted, strikers to buy would be 20M plus. I think Forest bought someone from the German league for 18M. The problem is we...
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    How many new signings before the QPR game ?

    I can see this happening. He was obviously told signings were getting closer, otherwise he wouldn't have said what he did. If we don't have anyone in by Saturday, he will be well and truly miffed (as will most of the fans). Seems a bit of deja vu. Warnock used to say the same things and nothing...
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    Jorgen Strand Larsen

    I think the bottom line is we don't look like we are any closer to signing a decent striker (even any signing for that matter)!
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    Jacob Greaves

    I can’t see us paying more than 2.5M upfront maybe rising with clauses. It would be too much of our budget. Whether Hull would accept this, I’m not so sure. If he does sign, then one or both of Fry and McNair would probably be available for transfer. Out of the two, I would keep McNair. This...
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    Buy Gyokeres for any price?

    The thing with gyokores is that I think he could also do quite well in the prem if we got promoted. So although he would be a signing to get us up, he could save us more money long term. I prefer that to a couple of unproven overseas projects. We need someone who is effective straight away...
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    Tav - Class act

    Might be us!
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    Jorgen Strand Larsen

    I hope one of these physical big strikers has a bit of pace. Not sure Forss has or Hoppe. Not sure of Muniz - he looked okay speed wise, but not quick. The Norwegian fella - will have to wait and see. What makes gyokores potentially so good is that he has a bit of pace to get away from players...
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    Tav - Class act

    I wonder if seeing Spence move to a prem team had a bearing on his decision. He knows spence well and obviously played with him for a few years and probably thinks he is as good as, if not better than Spence, so should be in the premier league too.