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  1. Beverleyred

    When the…

    🎼 White feather scores And the Riverside roars Ravanelli 🎼 It will be nice to see him at the Riverside on Saturday. I haven’t booked one of his evening events, but for anyone who has, I hope you have a great night.
  2. Beverleyred

    Good week so far for the Tav Brothers

    Marcus gets the winning goal for Boro on Tuesday and James scored a penalty tonight for Rangers. They have, however, just gone behind. Interesting though that James’ penalty tonight was very similar to Marcus’ penalty at Man Utd. I wonder if they practice them together ?
  3. Beverleyred

    Thank you Madam

    You know who you are…. Parking up next to my car in the Nav front parking area, in your big white Mercedes, then kindly slamming your driver‘s door into my offside rear passenger door leaving a big dent and creasing my paintwork. Then having the courtesy to leave no contact details, and leave...
  4. Beverleyred

    Take a walk on the Wilder side

    As written by Lewis Allan Reed aka Lou Reed: Chris Wilder came from Stocksbridge SYA He went to the Boro to help them on their way We don’t wanna be in the Championship We wanna be in the Premier league I said hey Leo, take a walk on the Wilder side I said hey Gibbo, take a walk on the Wilder...
  5. Beverleyred

    Song from yesterday’s match at Mansfield

    Does anyone know the words and background to the catchy song the fans were singing at the end of match yesterday? I caught “ running down the right side” or something like that. It sounded great…
  6. Beverleyred

    Amazing - London Derby

    League Cup semi first leg London Derby - only 4 English players start the game. 1 for Chelsea 3 for Spurs
  7. Beverleyred


    Managed to knock the Mackems and the Skunks out of two trophies in four days. Well done Cloughie jr.
  8. Beverleyred

    Ebenezer Morley - Hull pub

    It was great to see and hear the Boro fans in the Eb Morley pub in Hull yesterday. To say they took it over is an understatement, but the atmosphere was brilliant (unless you were a local of course). I did think the Alan Shearer song was a bit left field mind, however, they all appeared to be...
  9. Beverleyred

    Payero Boro Medical done

    According to reports this morning, Neil confirmed that Martin Payero has passed his Boro medical, so it looks a goer dependent on financial loose ends.
  10. Beverleyred

    BT free to air finals

    I read on the BT sport website today that the Champions League and Europa League finals are going to be free to watch on their sports channels.
  11. Beverleyred

    Michael O’Neill

    Getting slated by the Stoke fans on their fans forum, they want him run out of town, followed by half of their current players, including Vokes, Fletcher, Brown and Gunn. Some of them were quite complementary about our Manager! Swings and roundabouts Potter boys.
  12. Beverleyred

    To compound a crap midweek...

    Gestede scores a brace for Melbourne Victory in a 2-0 win over Wellington Phoenix.
  13. Beverleyred

    Commentary - hypothetical question

    When fans are allowed to return to stadiums and sing naughty songs with F* words in them, will we continue to get apologetic remarks from Commentators? Personally, I can’t see any difference in the players or coaching staff yelling swear words and the fans singing unpleasant worded lyrics!
  14. Beverleyred

    At least the lad has a sense of humour.

  15. Beverleyred

    Adama rocket

    Dig that one out Mr Butland. A Traore rocket!
  16. Beverleyred

    Marc Bola - joy to watch his excitement!

    It’s magic to see the great big smile and celebrations from the lad when we score a goal and at full time in games this season. He has fully justified his place in the first team and is growing with a self found confidence, not many of us would ever have thought possible last season. Long may...
  17. Beverleyred

    Millwall Fans Forum

    X-rated, homophobic, racist but ironically amusing in parts. It’s a good job that public stocks and flogging are outlawed, or Gary Rowett would be pelted with rotten eggs.
  18. Beverleyred

    Ouch! That was a nasty clash of heads

    Feel for the big Mexican, Raul Jimenez, that was a nasty clash of heads with David Luiz. Hope he is going to be OK.