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  1. Glover_elbow

    Ads again

    Over the past week or so i seem to be getting full page ads when i click to open a thread. these are bloody annoying far more than little banners at the top of and bottom pf pages. Anyone else experiencing the same
  2. Glover_elbow

    Well done England - Now lets ditch that god awful 3 Lions tune

    Congratulation's to the women's team for a great tournament WIN,. After England finally winning something can we please stop singing this awful tune, its so F***ing tedious and tiresome now and long past its shelf life.
  3. Glover_elbow

    Coulson debut for the dons against Celtic

    Could be a tough afternoon for young hayden
  4. Glover_elbow

    Whats the worst job in this heat

    surely has to be something where you have to wear full protective clothing maybe on a waste plant with the sweet disgusting smell of refuse or a fish and chip fryer
  5. Glover_elbow

    Mark Page Sentence to be increased?

    Convicted paedophile Mark Page page hopefully to get some more years behind bars today. The Attorney General's Office has referred his sentence to the Court of Appeal for reconsideration, arguing it is "unduly lenient" and should be increased. ByeByeNow
  6. Glover_elbow


    Northern Echo link very good experienced keeper, wouldn't mind him for us.
  7. Glover_elbow

    OK Computer 25 years old

    Never tire of listening to it just a brilliant record. sounds as good today as it did then, Ok Computer day on BBC radio 6
  8. Glover_elbow

    Players not playing for wilder anymore

    from busting a gut to looking like strangers with couple of months. The players have checked out of project wilder. Something seriously wrong behind the scenes for so many players to drop off a cliff. Today's first half as bad as any warnock performance absolutely shambolic
  9. Glover_elbow

    What channel is the sheff utd match on sky

    Got the Boro stream on and Luton match but can't find the Sheffield utd match on sky
  10. Glover_elbow

    What did wilder say after that display

    I am fuming after that another shambolic disorganised home performance after Hull what's going on
  11. Glover_elbow

    Praise the lord - Connolly dropped

    Finally got the message
  12. Glover_elbow

    Wilder post match

    Not happy at all great interview . mind i am surprised sky didnt appolgise for the use of the word poncey to describe his players
  13. Glover_elbow

    Delivery Persons

    Why do they think its acceptable to walk across your front lawn. So many take the short cut directly in front of my bay window sending my dogs absolutely nuts.
  14. Glover_elbow

    More rumours

  15. Glover_elbow

    southgate for the Newcastle job

    Not that i believe the report in the Gazette but the huge salary might be tempting even for the englands most principled manager
  16. Glover_elbow

    Premier leagues partnership with stonewall and rainbow lace games -empty rhetoric given todays news

    I take it Newcastle United and the Saudis will miss those games on the calendar
  17. Glover_elbow

    England very poor so far

    Dreadful first half hats off to Scotland Clarke has set his team up well. Mount has been really poor and sterling completely anonymous.
  18. Glover_elbow

    The Parmo makes the daily mail

    Have to say i agree with the woman writing the article its an absolutely vile dish and nothing to be proud off. Parmogeddon
  19. Glover_elbow

    🇨🇵France vs Germany 🇩🇪

    Looking forward to this should be a cracker. I should like the Germans for their indomitable spirit but I just cant. 🇫🇷allez les bleus.🇫🇷
  20. Glover_elbow

    Bamford scoring for fun in the premier league

    Proving a lot of doubters wrong. Pity its for leeds but i am pleased for him