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  1. WeeGord

    This new signing

    It's Roudolphe Douala signing at last.
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    Do you remember when Robbo tried to sign Robbie Fowler?

    I remember Igor Cvitanovic!
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    Wee Gord where are you?

    Ladies and gents, sorry for the delay but How's this for a topical track? 😍
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    Akpom starts
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    Wee Gord where are you?

    Apologies folks for the late entry, currently suffering my second bout of Covid along with my daughter having her third and my son having his first. Not feeling as shabby as first time around but my two kids especially my son are feeling a bit poorly (he's even refusing sweets, ice lollies and...
  6. WeeGord

    Good article on the Russian Economy imploding

    He doesn't want to negotiate, he is a liar and completely untrustworthy. Remember when he said they army were just conducting training exercises and he wasn't going to invade Ukraine? Indeed he mockingly laughed at the paranoia of the West. Yep, he invaded literally days later. He can't be...
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    Watmore AND Akpom leaving

    Watmore is very important to us currently so if he does leave we must have at least 3 other strikers coming in.
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    Good article on the Russian Economy imploding

    Not at all; appeasement means Putin taking Transnistria, Georgia, Kazakhstan and attempting to take back the Baltics and perhaps even Poland, Czechia etc. The moment he steps foot in NATO territory it very quickly escalates and becomes a gravely serious situation. You don't stand up to a...
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    Good article on the Russian Economy imploding

    Do you have an issue with this?
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    Starmer sacks shadow transport minister for appearing on picket line

    One minute he's getting pelters for being too soft and now he's getting pelters for sacking someone who didn't abide by the rules. I fully support the strikes as I'm sure the majority of Labour MPs do. However, if the front bench MPs appear en masse its an own goal; Tory media in a frenzy...
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    We've accepted a bid of £12m for Tav

    That's way too low. And very disappointing.
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    Starmer reneges on nationalisation plans

    Ronnie Campbell was telling people to vote Tory to get Brexit done. If you can't see that elements of the left have become toxic its because you're trying hard not to look because there are people amongst their number determined to stop a Labour government.
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    Southampton want Braithwaite....

    Even so Stuani is a significantly better player than Braithwaite and Barca aren't exactly known for great business deals.
  14. WeeGord

    Southampton want Braithwaite....

    Didn't Barcelona have the choice of Braithwaite ans Stuani and went for Braithwaite? Madness.
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    Starmer reneges on nationalisation plans

    I'm sick to death of reading rubbish like this - there were candidates parachuted into constituencies during the Corbyn era too and I know that fine well as a member of Blyth Valley Labour Party. I have explained in the past that as a socialist I was very frustrated with the left of our local...
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    Best non vulgar insult

    Your mother / girlfriend / sister etc is so hairy her armpits look like she has Don King in a headlock.
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    Boro v Marseille teamsheet

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you Erimus 👍
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    #FreeRodrigoMuniz on twitter

    Without a doubt Ramirez was top class for us when he was on loan and was streets ahead of virtually any player we had at the time. Likewise Stuani was class but sadly played out of position, but I preferred both of those to Kike. That said there was something very admirable and likeable about...
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    Blast from the past - Central league 1985

    He went on to have a fantastic career in the arts and The Commitments was a particular high point ;)
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    #FreeRodrigoMuniz on twitter

    I do remember Kike divided opinion - however, I really liked him. He was a little frustrating at times but he was limited and we needed to accept that, however he was never, ever found wanting and still played a decent part in those good times. I think overall the fans liked him and it was...