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    Is another statue being placed at the Riverside?

    I'm not sure about statues. It's a very decisive issue unless someone is very much head and shoulders above the rest, deserved of 'God-like status.' For example, look at the statues they are building at the Etihad. Do the likes of Aguero, Kompany, deserve a statue? In terms of the Boro, does...
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    Forest turning attention away from Spence

    I doubt KS is anything to do with it. His role is scouting and recruitment not selling.
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    Jordan Rhodes to return?

    I'm sure he would but like we had last time I'm sure Huddersfield would also have doubts about his ability to have a crack at the Prem. So they're probably likely to off load or send out on loan and his decision will come down to whether he wants game time or not.
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    Jordan Rhodes to return?

    Probably because like last time he got promoted he was binned off.
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    Wilder promising big overhaul - some development on Monday

    That's the way it is I suppose in the Championship. If you don't get promoted you've got to generate some income to go again. It's risky as you've got to recruit well and cheaply but if you get it right you can have success. Our problem is that every closed season we seem to have to buy too many...
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    Season's over, can I boo Connolly now?

    He has scored 3 in 13 appearances (239 minutes - mainly substitute, only made one start) compared to Connolly 2 in 18 (1187 minutes) and Balagun 3 in 18 (890 minutes). Uche got 2 league goals for us in 20 appearances (649 minutes) earlier in the season.
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    Matty Longstaff

    We need permanent transfers of players we own, not rely on these loans. Loans should only be used to top up the squad as the window closes.
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    Worst ever away day

    In the concourse though?! 😨
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    Who thinks it could be the Luton game rather than Sheff Utd that decides our fate?

    Surely Luton will beat Reading. I still think it is on the Sheffield game.
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    Hackney and Walker both start for U23s today.

    Something's gone on. He was doing well for Crewe pre-lockdown, did ok for MK last season, barely featured for Crewe second time round and then hasn't even been given a chance at Tranmere. Looks a bit tubby too in that picture from today.
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    Hackney and Walker both start for U23s today.

    It's ridiculous. Tranmere take him and never even put him on the bench.
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    Did we settle for the point?

    They had 75% possession so I think gaining a point was more than fair.
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    I think their goal output since the beginning of January suggests otherwise.
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    Yep, Wilder has finally come to the same conclusion that Warnock did two games before he was sacked.... That all other strikers are ***** and that Coburn is the best option.
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    Aaron Connolly message

    He could do with losing weight tbh.
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    Wilder favourite for Burnley???

    Why wouldn't they just keep Dyche then until the summer? There's only 4 points in it with 7 games and a fairly favourable run in. They need a saviour now.
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    Fulham promoted after Preston win

    They've hardly been steam rollering their way to promotion over recent weeks. They got beaten by Derby!
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    So, Why didn’t it work out for Rhodes at the Boro.

    Yes he was definitely one blooper we did get away with as Sheffield gave us our money back.
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    Boro ‘fans’

    I may be showing my age here, but it does feel very 2001 and the McClaren to Leeds saga. In some ways its a long time since we had a manager other clubs actually wanted so let's remain positive...
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    Has Tav got a song yet?

    There was one to the words of Rhythm is Dancer being sung by some at Barnsley. Something like: Rhythm is a dancer Tavernier's the answer He can play almost anywhere centre mid or left wing......... not sure the rest.