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    Ghislane Maxwell

    Bothers me that all the focus is on her when there were many others who facilitated and participated and they seem to glide under the media radar. Justice served only on one of many
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    England v Hungary 7:45pm

    Get a hattrick, go on Harry
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    We didn't get a scotland card, paid for charge on debit card where ever we went 👍🏻 I was worried about charging pre departure but we had no problems on the trip
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    I did it Sept last year, mix of camping and hotels over 10 days ( 2 days on Isle of Skye). 2 cars, one diesel and one electric, charge points and set up was great for electric. Visited lots of the standard tourist spots and climbed some mountains too. Beautiful and amazing scenery but v busy in...
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    Spurs open talks on Spence

    The boro way, I'd accept nothing less 🤭
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    Photography - Cameras, Where To Start?

    I've got an RX100III as my first foray into cameras, great little camera to start off with and learn photography👍🏻👍🏻. Most of the photos I take are landscape, starry skies, motion blur and macro, it works great for my needs and can produce some very good photos. My skills don't do it justice.
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    Ghislane Maxwell

    Out of solitary and into an unfortunate mishap? Wonder if anyone else will face the courtroom that used her/epsteins services?
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    Gibbs White or Flo

    Tony the Tiger or Tiger Woods
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    Fury v Whyte

    People want to see Fury vs AJ, big British fight. Champ vs the hype. Money maker
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    Apologies, i know nothing of your struggles but wish you some peace and rest
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    Why Connelly Again

    Must be part of his loan deal to start or play in every match?
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    Cheers Dood
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    Fixed penalty covid 19 fines

    Will the attendees be be given an indvidual fine for every work event they attended 🤔
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    Visiting The Kelpies - Recommendations

    I stayed in the Premier Inn Falkirk Central, on the canal, nice walk along to the falkirk wheel. Visit kelpies at night, all lit up 👍🏻
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    Foo fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins has died!

    RIP sad to hear 😔
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    Do you belive in god/ a god

    This is interesting when watched in it's entirety
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    Do you belive in god/ a god

    No, I want to believe so I can make sense of it all but no, my faith is not there. I've seen too much, been through too much to accept that there is something looking out for me to make me feel I am loved and guided along the right path. I feel we are nothing, we come into being and go back to...
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    Never forget, always raw, why
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    What was the hold up getting into the game on Tuesday

    A lady in front of me in the queue with two children 12/13ish had difficulty scanning all 3 tickets. I helped them as they kept trying to go through before the barcode had scanned
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    Lewis Baker.

    Yup, next best thing, faltered, good luck to him