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    Would you buy the new Boro shirt if it had no sponsor name and logo?

    I must have been a kid the last time i bought a football shirt but I probably would be more interested/inclined to buy the current one (or one of the designs with a band) if it didn't have a sponsor.
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    What would you do to improve Middlesbrough/Teesside?

    The point about infrastructure in my opinion isn't necessarily about local infrastructure, it's more about linking up to the cities. High speed trains in to Newcastle / Leeds etc. I'm talking New Deal level of spending across the north - sadly it will never happen.
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    First Rwanda flight leaving today

    I'm glad the flight was grounded. This is a shameful episode and a low point of the lowest government playing to their rabid right wing base.
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    England v Hungary 7:45pm

    France only have 2 points from their 4 games. Italy got tonked by Germany tonight. Sense of perspective is needed.
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    England v Hungary 7:45pm

    Exactly. Also who planned these 4 games in 10 days at this time of the year? Madness.
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    England v Hungary 7:45pm

    The idea that people are calling for Southgate's head after these past few friendlies is laughable 🤯 Also drew with Germany and Italy - those results obviously don't count? Performances weren't great but still got draws.
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    Thank god for NHS

    We'll miss it when it goes. The current mismanagement is unforgivable. I know someone who very recently waited an hour for an ambulance after having a stroke.
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    Wifi - dead spots in the house

    A basic plug in TP link of Amazon did the trick for me. Think it was less than £20.
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    Favourite Italian Players

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    When is Dom going to go nuclear and leak all the photos?
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    Have you ever been on the pitch during a game ?

    I took a pen in the schools half time competition in the 90s. Hit the post 🥴
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    Middle class coke heads...

    At Fulham a few seasons back I remember the sniffer dogs having a field day on the turnstiles. Loads of young lads were getting pulled over by the police.
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    " No massive use for food banks"...... apparently

    These redwall Tories are something else. They are some of the dimmest, least talented and morally reprehensible people who have ever set foot in the commons and that is a pretty low threshold to meet.
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    International driving licence Spain

    I've just hired a car in Tenerife in the last week. Didn't even think about this. They just accepted my UK driving license that was issued in 2021.
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    Sporar post

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    Lawnmowers & The Buying Of

    Bosch 36v electric range 👌although it's not in that price range. The hedgetrimmer in the same range is outstanding as well.
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    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    This fact blew my mind yesterday....
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    Heating engineer recommendation

    Matt Grange and his staff were excellent when I had a new boiler installed last year. Highly recommended.
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    Luton Town

    Agree with this. Stoke will be a different proposition to an awful Cardiff team last night.