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  1. the_holgate_roof

    Another mass shooting in the USA

    But hey, let’s not infringe any bodies civil rights, the 2nd amendment says so……. …’A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.’
  2. the_holgate_roof

    Season Tickets

    Any idea when these might go back on sale, tried online but nothing there yet???
  3. the_holgate_roof

    Season cards

    Are they not on sale at the moment?? Looked online but when you click on season cards nothing comes up??
  4. the_holgate_roof

    Team tomorrow

    Come on then, let’s nail our colours to the mast….. Daniels Djiksteel…….Fry….McNair…. Jones…..McGree…..Howson……..Tav Crooks Coburn……….Watmore
  5. the_holgate_roof

    The enigma of Isaiah Jones

    What has happened to Jones, he has stopped trying to take men on, in favour of turning and passing back, he has stopped getting to the byline and putting those low hard crosses onto the 6 yard box, he hasn’t lost pace, as at one point last night, he chased down their keeper very quickly, it is...
  6. the_holgate_roof

    Bet365 down

    Anybody else’s account down, been down pretty much since Man City kicked off, what a time for the site to go down???…..hmmmm
  7. the_holgate_roof

    Play Daniels, Play Coburn

    With Daniels going for the big boot, then Coburn needs to play, the only one with a bit of height and physicality for that type of play??
  8. the_holgate_roof


    Anyone watched this, series with Kevin Costner as a Montana rancher, just started the first feature length episode, just setting the scene and working out the characters, is it a decent series???
  9. the_holgate_roof

    Come on Forest

    Will be glued to the early kick off tomorrow, come on Forest, need to keep Luton pegged back, obviously we have to capitalise though…..UTB!!!!!
  10. the_holgate_roof

    Luton v Forest Friday lunchtime

    What’s the thoughts here, let Forest go, leaving 2 places up for grabs??
  11. the_holgate_roof

    Bournemouth tickets available

    I know a couple of people were asking for any spare tickets over the last day or two, if you go on the MFC site, some tickets appear to be still available.
  12. the_holgate_roof

    Arrests at the match

    Stayed back after the game for a pint and to watch the Grand National, following that we left and walked to the underpass. there was a guy in handcuffs by the underpass with several police officers around him but to the side was his young son, who was talking to a couple of police officers, as...
  13. the_holgate_roof

    Sheff Utd v Bournemouth

    Early kick off tomorrow, are we hoping for a Bournemouth win, let them have that 2nd spot, stop Sheff Utd getting any points???
  14. the_holgate_roof

    Buying online tickets

    Thought this was resolved, it is still declining cards, I did the workaround of adding my card to the e-ticket account and it worked but now whatever they did this week, now you can’t select your saved card and when you manually input, it is declining again….😡
  15. the_holgate_roof

    Newcastle Airport drop off

    The site states there is a free 15 min drop off at short stay car park 2, anybody know, if you go through the barrier, can you exit out of the barrier then free of charge if within 15 min of entry, do you get a ticket when you enter???
  16. the_holgate_roof

    Ticket Office opening hours

    I was just about to set off to go and pay for our season tickets at the ticket office, as had cash for a couple and also the recent debacle with online card transactions, so thought I would double check, just in case it only opened for half a day on a Saturday, to bizarrely find it didn’t open...
  17. the_holgate_roof

    Middlesbrough to Darlo train

    Anyone know if you can pay for a ticket on the train or do you need to purchase at the ticket office??
  18. the_holgate_roof

    Chelsea semi final

    Will Chelsea not get any tickets for the semi final, so Wembley will just have the opposition fans in?
  19. the_holgate_roof

    Connolly and McGree

    Sorry if I have missed this, are both available for selection today?
  20. the_holgate_roof

    No ‘after the Lord Mayors Show’ today

    We really need a good run now, a win today puts us 6th and a win against Sheff Utd a direct play off rival, not a time to let up , we need to set our stall out, will be a tough game today, Luton play with intensity and high press, so I would keep Watmore as an impact sub, to run against tiring...