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  1. Laughing

    PMQ was a blast today

    Kier Starmer scored point after point and even managed a couple of jokes. Well worth a watch
  2. Laughing

    Everton v Boreham Wood

    On itv now. The piece on Boreham wood was very moving. Hopefully they do themselves proud.
  3. Laughing

    West brom getting beat again

    0-1 with 15 minutes to go.
  4. Laughing

    James O'Brien talking to Kier Starmer about Johnsons Saville slur

    It's interesting, if not surprising, how little Starmer thinks of Johnson.
  5. Laughing

    Swansea v Blackburn

    Swansea just gone 1-0 up
  6. Laughing

    My 11 year old tested positive for covid this morning

    She is beside herself. I am not sure if she is worried about not seeing her friends for a week or frightened about the virus. Had a good old cry this morning, my daughter, that is, not me.
  7. Laughing

    Swindon v man city

    Had the fa cup any magic to offer tonight.
  8. Laughing

    Todays Championship Games

    I ran my algorithm over todays championship games, such as they are. I thought folks might be interested in what it had to say about the Stoke game, it's interesting to use in the race for the top 6. I use 2 main algorithms to decide on the win, loose, draw and then sanity check against a third...
  9. Laughing

    A reminder for anyone with Amazon Prime Video, the EPL is on today

    the 3 3 0'clock games and the 8.00pm kickoff are all on. Not an interesting post but I always forget that amazon show games.
  10. Laughing

    Are the government, deliberately, setting man against man?

    Am I alone in thinking that the goverrnment are deliberately setting us against each other, with their messaging. It is not unknown that the right wing press, and government are in each others pockets. I wonder what their endgame is? Is it to distract us? Or is it just the difficult set of...
  11. Laughing

    N Shropshire By Election

    I have been watching betfair markets on the by election today and the tories have drifted from 1.71 this morning to 1.92 just now. The drift has been gradual and its almost like the market is being moved by exit polls. Lib dems have shrunk from 2.3 to 2.04 on the same period. This is going to...
  12. Laughing

    Tonights prime games

    We have Spurs v Brentford and Man Utd v Arsenal. Watching the first half of the tottenham game and make a decision at half time on whether to turn over. My algorithm, rather interestingly, predicts an away win in both games.
  13. Laughing

    Watercolour competition

    My daughter and I had a watercolour painting competition and we would like the arty farty mooners to judge the winner. I am fed up of a biased wife and mother. Oh and it is important to say there is a £20 prize. By that I mean, my daughter gets £20 a month pocket money, if she wins she gets...
  14. Laughing

    Watching Wales v Belarus on s4c

    It's in Welsh.... 300 years of union.
  15. Laughing

    device detox holiday

    I have been in a reflective mood today and been thinking about lots of unconnected stuff. Speaking to my wife and daughter just now about a holiday with no devices. My wife was up for it, my daughter not so much. I can cheat, I have sat nav in the car so can go for a drive for a gps fix, he hee
  16. Laughing

    Can't you football folks get your own board

    I can barely see a politics thread on the first page now. So let me start one. Warnock with his "get behind boris and stop moaning about wallpaper". What do we all think of that! Great, the board is back on track now!
  17. Laughing

    .missing friend

    My nieces friend has gone missing in the Boro area of anyone sees him please do contact the police his family are very worried as he has some mental health issues.
  18. Laughing

    I see wolves have dropped traore tonight

    Barcelona winger on loan takes his spot, trincao
  19. Laughing

    Arsenal game is looking good

    For those wanting to watch a bit of footie
  20. Laughing

    Covid passport scam

    Be aware of a scam where you are charged 4.99 for a covid passport. It is a phishing scam coming via email or text message.