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  1. Expat Smoggie

    RIP Frank Williams from Dad's Army

    Happy days when comedy was slap-stick and family viewing, those days are sadly gone but the great memories of anticipation with Dads Army lives on. RIP, Mr Williams, and to all those who have passed who made British comedy such a wonderful experience.
  2. Expat Smoggie

    Is Randoph now a possibility?

    As we know there’s many players willing to just sit on the bench and get paid nicely for it. I doubt Randolph is in any rush to leave his safe haven.
  3. Expat Smoggie

    David McGoldrick on a free?

    I think it's a good move if it happens. Granted he was in and out at Sheffield last season but he definitely will be plus to our attacking ranks which let's face it were one of the worst in the league.
  4. Expat Smoggie

    World war 11!

    it has little to do with individual governments as the prime mover on this is NATO and the US; the rest are just following in line and being just good [or bad] eggs depending which side of the line you're on.
  5. Expat Smoggie

    Dont forget - Championship Fixtures out tomorrow.

    Burnley [H]
  6. Expat Smoggie

    Blast furnace and coke ovens to go

    Many of us on this website have lots of past and maybe current family members who sweated and toiled at the likes of Dorman Longs for their entire lives, quite often working 12+ hours a day and suffering with their health and sanity all for the chance to put bread on the table. Many lost their...
  7. Expat Smoggie

    Apparently Levy is taking over the lead role in negotiations for Spence

    Should be complete this week by all accounts. Levy is short for leverage lol 😆
  8. Expat Smoggie


    Errr yes he has 13 games, scored a goal and one assist. Go and do your homework mate his stats are freely available.
  9. Expat Smoggie


    I don’t see how we can pass judgement on any player who has barely raised a sweat for the club. He has shown some parts of his game which you could argue have been in line with his pre-signing scouting reports. I’m not too sure how much we paid for him but much like any player who comes from...
  10. Expat Smoggie

    Manual v Automatic cars

    Agreed — I turned mine off. Nice idea maybe but probably does more harm than good to mechanics.
  11. Expat Smoggie

    Manual v Automatic cars

    On the newer versions of vehicles there’s a system called traction control (ATC) which kicks in during extreme weather conditions. Granted this isn’t consistent throughout the vehicle world but I’ve found on Honda’s especially, it’s very effective. Newer models have better traction control but...
  12. Expat Smoggie

    Manual v Automatic cars

    So many good things about an automatic, such as the ease of driving which leads to less stress (maybe). Technology has improved with automatics so that it’s fair to say that literally anyone can drive an automatic. Ok the so called purist will want the thrill of ramming the gear stick but the...
  13. Expat Smoggie

    Well done Fitz!! (US Open)

    Great win by the Blades fan! Some terrific putting especially on the 13th and 14th greens. You have to think this lad has a great golfing future.
  14. Expat Smoggie

    Delay in Spence sale, has cost us pole position in the hunt for top striker target.

    nothing has been simple with this lad, so it could end up tears for both sides. Judging by what's going on at Spurs the Spence deal could be dead as they're also looking at cheaper, more experienced and definitely more reliable wing-back options.
  15. Expat Smoggie

    Prepare for war in Europe

    It's arguably Germany's war -- personally I'd just distance myself from the whole mess as it's obviously nothing to do with us. Germany, just like they've done with the EU, have made it their own war by handcuffing themselves to the Russian economy by way of the ludicrous energy policy set by...
  16. Expat Smoggie

    Do you listen to Podcasts or Audiobooks?

    I’ve been listening to audiobooks ever since they came out in cassette format!! I used to buy and swap now I just down load and for me at least it’s a great way of relaxing and listening to some history or just about whatever you want. Highly recommended — keeps your mind active and helps in...
  17. Expat Smoggie

    NBA Finals

    Warriors didn’t really have to do too much imo — Celtics were really poor tonight, giving up so many turnovers it was quite embarrassing. Curry was head and shoulders above the rest. Sorry for all you Celtic fans!!
  18. Expat Smoggie

    NBA Finals

    Watching 6th game — it’s been awful by both teams. Warriors lead by 15 points at the halftime.
  19. Expat Smoggie

    Scott Twine

    At 22 he’s still got time to learn and get better. From what I’ve seen of him he has got a Grant Leadboots look about him.