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  1. BoroinBuxton

    Documentary - Alex Ferguson

    It was a fabulous watch. I don't think we'll see his like again
  2. BoroinBuxton

    Paul McCartney is 80 today

    This.... My 25 year old son rates it. As do I
  3. BoroinBuxton

    Matt vickers QT… Caught in the headlights..

    Was often accompanied with Gormless when I was a lad :)
  4. BoroinBuxton

    How did you choose your username?

    Dead easy! Born + brought up in Boro, lived in Buxton for 18 years
  5. BoroinBuxton

    Bands who should have been bigger

    Stump were amazing. Nuts but amazing :)
  6. BoroinBuxton

    Big problems at some airports

    Please give all my best + love to the crew
  7. BoroinBuxton

    Dominic Raab

    I just find him utterly ridiculous.
  8. BoroinBuxton

    RIP Fletch from Depeche Mode

    Part of the fabric of my life. Really sad.
  9. BoroinBuxton

    Standing for council

    Good Luck Fella (y) (y)
  10. BoroinBuxton

    Classic high pitched songs

    Just the best.......
  11. BoroinBuxton

    Terrible Lyrics of Our Time

    This is both wonderfully poetic and awful at the same time Dark and grey, an English film, the Wednesday Play We always watch the Queen on Christmas Day Won't you stay?
  12. BoroinBuxton

    Your irrational, petty dislikes

    A few from me. People who talk about 'Key stakeholders' people who say 'anyways' and the increased use of the term 'moments' in football interviews.
  13. BoroinBuxton

    There are no great TV themes anymore

    This was very haunting and a cracking series- and also book
  14. BoroinBuxton

    Last Day Encounters

    I was thinking this, perhaps overthinking it......
  15. BoroinBuxton

    Which Boro Era Deserves a TV Series

    The era of Jack Charlton- an update and jazz up of the local offering from '74.
  16. BoroinBuxton

    Michael Fabricant comments about teachers / nhs

    Yep- As I said earlier replying to Dood's post.
  17. BoroinBuxton

    Michael Fabricant comments about teachers / nhs

    This was sent to him today
  18. BoroinBuxton

    Michael Fabricant comments about teachers / nhs

    He's the MP of a lot of people I know and you're spot on with that dood.