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    Fire logs delivery

    Can anyone recommend a hardwood fire logs delivery in the Teesside area? Quick Google and Copswain farm looks like a good price for a couple of dumpy bags but prices vary quite a bit from a quick Google search.
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    North East to London commute

    Anyone done this for any length of time? Maybe 1 day a week - 2 max. Think 1 day a week may be doable. Train there and back in a day.
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    Andy Preston doesn't think white privilege exists.

    A really bleak post on Facebook from Middlesbrough's mayor. He's either being deliberately obtuse or he really doesn't understand. Either way he's not fit for office with such views.
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    Key Workers

    This is quite a long list
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    What are people doing today?

    Is everyone just getting on as normal with the exception of going to the match? I'll be going to meet a couple of friends locally for some lunch and maybe have a walk out. I was potentially going in to central London but think I'll give the tube a miss. It may just be me but there does seem to...
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    Did anyone see that geordie...

    Lob his **** out? 😂