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  1. tonybiriyani

    Boro fan on Pointless

    Isaac a uni student in Liverpool, go on son UTB!
  2. tonybiriyani

    Binns closing down

    In July apparently, always been on the cards unfortunately, a shadow of it's former self since Mr Ashley took over.
  3. tonybiriyani


    Just been announced that he has been sanctioned by UK government, what will this mean for the sale of Chelsea?
  4. tonybiriyani


    Gone out on loan...
  5. tonybiriyani

    Red Faction/South Stand

    Excellent support today, well done lads and lasses 👏
  6. tonybiriyani

    Cold War Steve

  7. tonybiriyani

    James, Working Men's Club

    On The Live Revival tonight at 10.20 On Sky Arts.
  8. tonybiriyani

    Finding Jack Charlton.

    Just watched it, absorbing, moving, very sad in parts, but a brilliant watch - so proud he was our manager.
  9. tonybiriyani

    The Linny

    Just been reading price of a pint up £1.10 when they re-open on Saturday. Wonder if other pubs will follow suit?
  10. tonybiriyani

    Conservatory roof insulation

    Anyone had this done - cooler in summer warmer in winter etc.?
  11. tonybiriyani


    Just been reading, 3 years since Ugo sadly passed away. Doesn't seem that long ago at all - RIP Ugo.
  12. tonybiriyani

    TS5 area Virgin broadband

    Anyone struggling to get on the internet?
  13. tonybiriyani

    Labour leadership election.

    Is this still going ahead in April.? I thought it would be postponed but I'm still getting emails reminding me to vote?