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  1. Expat Smoggie

    Well done Fitz!! (US Open)

    Great win by the Blades fan! Some terrific putting especially on the 13th and 14th greens. You have to think this lad has a great golfing future.
  2. Expat Smoggie

    Southgate football

    Seems to be sideways and backwards, the attacking intent has been lost in the need for possession, which as we know accounts for nothing.
  3. Expat Smoggie

    NBA Finals

    Great win by the Warriors tonight against the odds maybe but with a player like Steph Curry anything is possible. Curry led the way with 40 points but overall Warriors really dug-in with great defending and perhaps more importantly being focused for all 4 quarters. Series tied 2-2
  4. Expat Smoggie

    Carvalho sold to Liverpool

    It’s too bad that Fulham weren’t able to keep hold of their prized asset Carvalho (sold for a packet of chips £5m)— I doubt they’ll never be able to replace him in the near term at least. He certainly has all the makings of a top winger and maybe a striker but my point is here we need to...
  5. Expat Smoggie

    Platini and Blatter to go on trial

    For corruption 11 years after the fact, makes you wonder who is more corrupt the villains or the law courts.
  6. Expat Smoggie

    Grant Hall

    Out of favour for whatever reasons but I’m sure he'll be back on the bench for Bournemouth.
  7. Expat Smoggie

    World Cup draw-- England hopes for

    surely avoiding the likes of Germany and Holland in the first round. Pot 2 in this WC really does throw up some very interesting scenarios with the likes of Denmark, the US and Uruguay providing very stiff opposition. Pot 3 also has some interesting teams in it although just for rekindling...
  8. Expat Smoggie

    Senegal v Egypt playoff

    People pointing laser pen lights at players — ridiculous. I hope they stamp this out soon. Apart from that the game has been littered with niggling fouls and injuries.
  9. Expat Smoggie

    Well done Josh Warrington

    Got his belt back tonight against Kiko Martinez. Excellent fight tactics, hoping to see him fight in Vegas.
  10. Expat Smoggie

    McGree injury update

    Any word on how serious it is? (Thigh injury)
  11. Expat Smoggie

    England lasses beat Germany

    First time apparently.
  12. Expat Smoggie

    The Connolly watch v WBA

    In reviewing his performance tonight I’d have to say there was little or no improvement from Saturday’s game. He was caught offside early on and generally faded as the game wore on. I only counted two completed passes — even those were insignificant and he was basically shot-less. Replaced on...
  13. Expat Smoggie

    Connolly and Lumley

    Anyway they're related other than the obvious two left feet? lol :giggle:
  14. Expat Smoggie

    SuperBowl LVI

    Here we go then — Lambs v Bungals… I mean Rams v Bengals lol 😆 I’m taking the Bengals (3rd time lucky 🍀) as I think the pressure on Stafford might be too much, even though I think the Rams have the better receiving core. Should be a close game. Bengals 30 Rams 26
  15. Expat Smoggie

    Radio down?

    Only video from the MFC website available anyone know why?
  16. Expat Smoggie

    Anyone predict a pens win?

    Just wondering? We must have been 50-1 shot for that outcome?
  17. Expat Smoggie

    PS5 on Ebay

    Couldn't get one for all the tea in China last year-- now ebay is flooded with em!
  18. Expat Smoggie

    Lambs v Cardinals tonight

    Should be a very close game — opens up in true Hollywood style with Michael Buffer intro.
  19. Expat Smoggie

    Chris Rea -- Teesside live photos

    Some great photos of Chris Rea on Teesside live website. I was wondering if anyone on FMTTM remembers Rea's live debut on the local TV news [1977] ? [not too sure if it was BBC or ITV] but it was my intro to his voice and sound which was so unusual at the time.
  20. Expat Smoggie

    Niners in the playoffs!!

    What a win 17-0 down and come back to win in OT!! What a game!!