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  1. Fluffycarpet

    Did anyone see the SpaceX rocket?

    I just saw the SpaceX rocket from Redcar on its way to the space station. What an amazing sight.
  2. Fluffycarpet

    Bee Swarm

    That was the craziest thing I've ever seen. We live in Redcar and we heard bees coming from a distance, and it got louder and louder and suddenly the whole house was literally covered. Never seen anything like it.
  3. Fluffycarpet

    Am I imagining that this website is always advertising things I've been looking at elsewhere?

    How does it do it? For example the exact same kids tents I was just looking at are now being advertised on here.
  4. Fluffycarpet

    Do ambulance paramedics always get kitted up with masks etc now?

    I was just wondering, because the old lady next door who has had family keeping visiting her has just had the ambulance pull up and they've gone in kitted out.
  5. Fluffycarpet

    Has anyone's internet been affected since virus outbreak?

    The data on my phone is fine, but my Sky broadband hardly ever works now. This means no Netflix, and can only use the basics on my Sky tv. I waited over an hour on the phone to customer services with no reply and gave up, but can't see what they'll be able to do.