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    Myself and Miss Block21

    Thanks, I pitched Juninho for either a boy or a girl. Rejected for both :rolleyes:
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    Neither keeper fill me with confidence. Maybe try and get an experienced keeper in next season and give Pears a season on loan to develop more. Keep Dejan as second choice keeper.
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    Myself and Miss Block21

    We were asked if we wanted to know at our 12 week private scan, she said its not 100% but she can tell from the development at that point. we said yes but we'll get it confirmed to be sure at the later scan.
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    Myself and Miss Block21

    We paid for a private scan mate, it was worth every penny. You should 100% do it if you can for the next scan.
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    Myself and Miss Block21

    Just to second that, really nice messages from everyone very much appreciated (y)
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    Myself and Miss Block21

    Yes mate no feeling like it. Just want it to be January now already :D
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    Myself and Miss Block21

    Congrats Block. I'm about a week ahead of you with my 1st too. Exciting times.(y)
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    Warnock said it himself this week, we have no defenders who can defend. Fry is a prime example.
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    I hate to say it but I think we’re down

    I'll support the football club no matter what, but they don't half make it hard for us. Players on pitch with no fight or desire, recruitment terrible, mistake after mistake in managerial appointments (not Warnock but too late for him) and overpaid unbalanced squad with no leaders or football...
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    Bring on QPR

    Beat QPR tomorrow and we are only 3 points away from them and jump up 4 places in the league ;) Come on!
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    Championship fixtures before we play

    Stoke 4 up now
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    Championship fixtures before we play

    Luton now losing 5-0 and Wigan losing 2-0
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    Championship fixtures before we play

    Luton losing 3-0 at home
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    Wigan in admin

    That's how it seems yes. So it basically puts them bottoms on the league now but without them actually being there. Woodgate was right all along the league table is lying!!!
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    Wigan in admin

    just read the EFL statement. basically 12 points next season if they get relegated,if they don't get relegated they apply 12 points at the end of this season. sounds very harsh on Wigan.
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    Training photos

    Photo's from training on the club website. Just looking through them can't see Coulson in any of pics, even in the background, maybe he won't be fit for Hull?
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    Is this the greatest football ad ever

    without his injuries he would have been one of the best ever, he was unbelievable at Barca and Inter before his knee injury.
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    Remember the 1997 shirt

    I remember standing in line at the riverside club shop for about 6 hours to get one. Must have been one of our bestselling shirts ever.
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    Guess which boro player I seen in Morrisons teesside park tonight

    I used to work in the teeside park Morrisons back in the day. Carlos Marinelli used to be a regular in for his weekly shop.
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    How’s everyone feeling about the Stoke match on Saturday

    well after Saturday i said i wasn't going to pay to stream any of ours matches again this season, but i'll be watching Saturday now so guess that makes me optimistic about getting a good result. I do worry Warnock won't have had enough time to with the players to make a huge impact on the...