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  1. Ironops

    New kit

    Personally I'm rather pleased they are not trying to make some huge media event out of flogging a new shirt. Does my head in that everything from the cup draw to transfer deadline day is turned into a 3 ring circus :rolleyes:
  2. Ironops

    Spurs open talks on Spence

    Makes me laugh when people say we should demand a sell on fee! Firstly, that would reduce the amount we get up front - we need cash up front not a potential of cash in several years time. And what if the players stays at the buying club for the rest of his career, or his form drops and he gets...
  3. Ironops

    Josh Coburn Next Season.......

    Loan him out unless we are really struggling to get someone quality in
  4. Ironops

    New Elizabeth Line

    I agree it looks rather grotesque that half the country is starving and London gets a shiny new tube line, but for me its more a question of why is half the country starving? And we all know whose fault that is.
  5. Ironops

    Spurs open talks on Spence

    We need to plough the bulk of it into a proven striker
  6. Ironops

    Thoughts on our chances next season

    Anything less than top 6 would be a massive disappointment. We were 2 wins off the play offs this last campaign and there were plenty of matches, and chances, to get those extra points. We need to score more goals for sure, we need a 20 goal a season striker and another striker who will get...
  7. Ironops


    Lie after lie after lie...still some deluded folk will stick up for them, and others will still vote for them.
  8. Ironops

    If you don't live on Teesside, who is your local team and do you go and watch them?

    Fulham, Ive seen them many times and spent many hours in traffic trying to get home whenever they play
  9. Ironops

    Spurs open talks on Spence

    We just need two clubs after him, thats all. Anything over £15m is gravy
  10. Ironops

    Spurs open talks on Spence
  11. Ironops


    Burnley wanting £40m and them getting £40m are two totally separate things. They will need to sell so will end up taking whatever the highest offer is, I don't see too many PL clubs needing a new 1st choice keeper so any buying club is going to make a low offer and Burnley will probably have to...
  12. Ironops

    Burnley Have To Stay Up - Or Else

    Tarkowski is now free, doubt he will stay, Mee and Barnes have a 1 year extension but will the club want to pay PL wages?
  13. Ironops

    Best Debut Album?

    Picture Book - Simply Red (unfashionable I know...) Steely Dan - cant buy a thrill The Velvet Underground and Nico - The VU New York Dolls - the new york dolls
  14. Ironops

    Lee Gregory from Sheff Wed

    Yes - I have absolutely no opinion on him
  15. Ironops

    Lee Gregory from Sheff Wed
  16. Ironops

    Proportional Representation

    It would likely cause the break up of both the Tory and Labour parties with their extreme wings separating off, probably a new centrist party gaining traction, something thats been tried before with the SDP and Change UK, failing largely due to the current voting system, it would encourage more...
  17. Ironops

    Leeds or Burnley?

    It’s a win win, if it’s Burnley they won’t have any money, if it’s Leeds then brilliant, I chuffing hate them. Personally think it will be Leeds that drop
  18. Ironops

    Labour making steps towards a Progressive Alliance?

    Tories would expect to lose Wakefield in most circumstances - its only a 3300 majority at the high watermark of 2019 Tiverton is the real test for them, hopefully it will be a repeat of North Shropshire
  19. Ironops

    Tory MP arrested on suspicion of rape and banned from Commons – reports

    You’ve dug yourself a hole, stop digging
  20. Ironops


    I imagine we will want to get a keeper and striker in as soon as possible, and I imagine we will be using a decent chunk of the Spence sale money on the striker