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  1. gregorgregorovich

    Fatal mass shouting in Texas…

    The most powerful country in the world, with a large proportion of bible bashing, racist, homophobic, mysoginistic disgusting excuses for human beings and the answer is to arm the Teachers and other students. WTF is wrong with them all. RIP you poor little kids.
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    What improved your quality of life, so much, you wish you did it sooner?

    Stopping smoking and getting right back into cycling as a result.
  3. gregorgregorovich

    Damning report on U.K. Afghan evacuation

    And now we want to send asylum seekers, many of them who fought and worked for us, to Rwanda.
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    B I don't know about having a smoking gun, but we certainly have a smirking bum.
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    Me too.
  6. gregorgregorovich

    A walk over Eston Hills

    I was driving up Flatts Lane year ago, when the Ski slope was there and there was a big sign saying "Ski slope closed due to snow". How I didn't crash the car, I'll never know.
  7. gregorgregorovich

    55 years ago Boro 4 Oxford 1

    Me too. Fantastic night.
  8. gregorgregorovich

    What are we all reading?

    I love Le Carre books, but Jeez they do take some reading. I regularly have to backtrack or look at the character descriptions sometimes given at the start of the book. I'll probably take one on my upcoming holiday.
  9. gregorgregorovich

    Whitby train

    Trish does like a Prawn Cocktail.
  10. gregorgregorovich

    Whitby train

    Got something called a duo ticket, £12.10 return for both of us.
  11. gregorgregorovich

    Whitby train

    Cheers everyone. Either getting a lift to Marton or will drive to Great Ayton.
  12. gregorgregorovich

    Whitby train

    Going to Whitby by train this week. Does anyone know if you buy tickets beforehand or get them on the train? Cheers.
  13. gregorgregorovich

    What are we all reading?

    The Body - A Guide for Occupants by Bill Bryson. I like his gentle humour. It's not like his normal travelogues but enjoying it nonetheless.
  14. gregorgregorovich

    Where's Col?

    I was doubly stupid. I'd walked about a mile and my ex pulled up, opened the car door and told me to stop being so stupid (I was) and to get in the car (I didn't ), so I told her to stick her lift, again. Doh!
  15. gregorgregorovich

    Where's Col?

    Disagreed with my then girlfriend in the Kirk one night many moons ago. Told her to stick her lift home and walked out. Might not seem like a great problem, but I lived in Eston at the time. Took me freaking ages to get home but at least it was a nice night.
  16. gregorgregorovich

    Nazanin "You cost me 4 years"

    He'd put his hand on the Bible and it would burst into flames.
  17. gregorgregorovich

    Labour row brewing over Wakefield candidate

    They certainly do.
  18. gregorgregorovich

    So….The Tories solution to the cost of living crisis is…..?

    Those who bankroll the Tories and those who represent them in Parliament and those who have benefitted from their fast track Covid scheme and those who follow their diktat in the national press and the tiny percentage of people they truly represent, don't have a cost of living crisis. Therefore...
  19. gregorgregorovich

    " No massive use for food banks"...... apparently

    I was thinking more along the lines of what we called Yakubu, when he came back to the Riverside with Everton.😉😉
  20. gregorgregorovich

    National Limerick Day

    There was a young man from Tralee, Got stung on the neck by a wasp, When asked if it hurt, He said no, not a lot, It can do it again if it likes.