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  1. HarryVegas

    The Home Secretary

    Caught on camera, congratulating a colleague on fitting up the Leader Of The Opposition? Surely not!
  2. HarryVegas

    Sir David Attenborough

    96 today. A gentleman for whom the epithet 'national treasure' is wholly inadequate. Happy birthday, sir.
  3. HarryVegas


    Putin openly threatening it, as he is right now, it is one thing. Our defence minister predicting that Russia will declare WWIII on Monday is quite another. Anyone worried yet?
  4. HarryVegas


    Just imagine the delight on the faces of all those hardline, definitely not racist, brexiteers ...
  5. HarryVegas

    Can we move on now...

    ...or are there still people here who want our manager sacked?
  6. HarryVegas

    This enough to soothe nerves?
  7. HarryVegas

    Johnson & Sunak untouchable?

    Anyone feeling like Johnson is untouchable in all his dishonesty? You are not alone. Two of my good friends have come up with the splendid idea that we should all email the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. She's called Katherine Stone OBE email address is...
  8. HarryVegas

    Susie Dent never lets you down...

  9. HarryVegas

    Lennon or McCartney?

    Paul for me...
  10. HarryVegas

    Dead or brain dead?

    Would you rather spend your life creating endless, pointless either/or threads on a message board or not waste oxygen that other sentient beings could gainfully utilise?
  11. HarryVegas

    Johnson compares the brave Ukrainian resistance to Brexit the face of Putin's ongoing war crimes, he really did....
  12. HarryVegas

    Great image

    By Polish illustrator Pawel Jonca...
  13. HarryVegas

    Brexit voters

    Ok, this could be a little incendiary, but please let's not get into insults. I'm genuinely interested in replies. I'm not going to have a go at anyone for their choices now or 6 years ago. Here's the question ... In light of the prime funder of the Leave campaign being publicly named for the...
  14. HarryVegas

    Mate of mine, Boro fan in Ireland...

    ...just shared this. I love it.
  15. HarryVegas


    ...or at least Noddy & Dave. Lovely to see the old boys are still mates. Taken in the last couple of days by Noddy's missus when they were out for lunch together. Definitely a bit of Vic & Bob going on there mind...
  16. HarryVegas

    Friday night booze'n'music thread

    In the absence of Wee Gord, I've opened a nice cheap bottle of cab sauv and here's a banger from the dream team that was Iggy & The Dame...
  17. HarryVegas

    New favourite word...

    ...courtesy of the ever-so-prim-and-proper (not) Miss Susie Dent: Firkytoodling. Basically a Victorian euphemism for foreplay. Happy Valentine's Day!
  18. HarryVegas


    Outclassed Outplayed Won! Won ugly Won lucky Won! Untold billions Versus tuppence ha’penny. Won! Who you gonna back, David or Goliath? Aim that slingshot well my son Won Won WON!
  19. HarryVegas

    Major senior moment

    Was seriously about to post a thread on here asking if anyone had a live stream link. I think I need a lie down....
  20. HarryVegas

    Has the Culture Minister had a few here?