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    Double post
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    Its that cold outside today,I seen a politician putting his hands in his own pockets,,,joke lmao
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    Whats with all the politics,boris done that ,brexit done this ,its hapened we can't change it,move on ,the future is bright for us boro fans let's talk football ,utb the prem is calling ,,,
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    Boro v blackpool

    Comon boro hopefully we will have 3 new signings,,let's get a bumper crowd in the riverside,,,utb
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    Your first boro game ,,

    Me Sheffield wed I think we won 8_2 ,I was hooked after that match,,utb
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    We played ok today

    But ,, we need a tap in centre forward, me id ask newcastle if dwyte gale was for sale ,,,if not bring back stuani ,, we will get promoted with either one 👍
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    Been a while but bigrich is back,

    How is everyone ,,,👍
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    2,000 boro at b,pool

    On a wedensday night ,,magnificent support best fans in the land utb,