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  1. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Fury v Whyte

    Who you picking? Fury seems to be overwhelmingly favourite but you can't rule out Whyte so easily. Hard to believe this could be Furys last fight as well.
  2. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Who's going to finish where??

    I can't call this, I know we're on a good run but the Championship this season is such a mixed bag in terms of form and well pretty much everything else. You lose 2 games and your 10th you win 2 games and you can be 3rd (for example). It's brilliant this season even better where your in and...
  3. Cousin_of_Fabio


    I honesly do not get the thinking of Everton. Why do they constantly persist in trying to get a big foreign Manager in thinking that's the right way to go for them? A Sean Dyche and dare I say it Wilder (hence why he was such a coup for us) would be more than ideal for Everton. So now not...
  4. Cousin_of_Fabio

    25 Years ago

    We couldn't field a team to play Blackburn. Injustice on 2 fronts really.
  5. Cousin_of_Fabio

    David Nugent

    Released from Preston. Had a decent spell here is he a worth a punt on a 1 year deal?
  6. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Played for Millwall & Boro

    Players to have played for both clubs respectively. I'll get the ball rolling.... Paul Wilkinson
  7. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Your Boro Fact (s)

    What’s the best fact you know about our beloved Boro? We all have one to impress your mates down the pub, but seen as though that’s not an option, share the wealth, what do you know?
  8. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Will Tier 4 change your NYE celebrations?

    Just can't decide, today we're Tier 3 I probably would have knowing it was safe anyway but now tomorrow is Tier 4 I'm totally undecided.