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  1. 18MFC76

    Best away support in the Championship?

    With us taking another massive following on Saturday, It got me thinking. Does anyone have the stats for the best away support in the Championship? Had a look to see if there was some sort of table but can't seem to find one.
  2. 18MFC76

    Harry Kane and the Referee

    Constantly hounded the referee all night long trying to influence the referee's decisions. Embarrassing and certainly gone down in my estimation after that.
  3. 18MFC76

    Song for Wilder

    Warnock had the super Neil Warnock song. Surely it can't be long until Wilder has a song of his own?
  4. 18MFC76

    Could we move Tav to LWB in place of Taylor?

    He would be very effective on the left side. He has the stamina to get up and down. Tav on one side and Jones on the other would cause teams all sorts of problems. This would allow us to play a midfield of Howson Crooks and McGree. Looking at last night we need to find a place for McGree as his...
  5. 18MFC76

    Spurs tickets

    Can these be bought online does anyone know? I have enough loyalty points to purchase tickets now and I'm signed into my account but can't seem to purchase Spurs tickets. Only tickets for the West Brom game are available.
  6. 18MFC76

    Absolute heroes

    Every single one of them. Nerves of steel for the pens. Worked their socks off. Chris Wilder is creating something special here. UTFB!!!!!
  7. 18MFC76

    Wilder on FA Cup

    "We want to go deep into the competition". Refreshing to have a manager who values the FA Cup and just wants to win every game. Too many of our previous managers have just viewed the FA Cup as a distraction.
  8. 18MFC76

    Yesterday - It all looks very unprofessional

    So Warnock is preparing for a big game against West Brom and is notified by someone that he could be on his way. Gibson then phones him to tell him the news which he already knows. The club later announce that Neil has left by mutual consent which is a blatant lie confirmed by Warnock who is...
  9. 18MFC76

    Tickets for West Brom

    How many did we sell does anyone know?
  10. 18MFC76

    Howson looks a natural at RB

    I've always thought it whenever he's played there. He's far more effective playing in defence now. He reads the game so much better from a deeper area of the pitch. A number of times yesterday he made crucial interceptions and got us away on the attack. I know not everyone will agree but I'm...
  11. 18MFC76

    Payero tonight

    Thought he played well tonight. Good on the ball. Kept it simple but you can see he has good vision. His delivery from set pieces is excellent. Also he's very strong and can hold players off with ease. Should have had another assist (Watmore's howler). Promising signs, well done Martin lad.
  12. 18MFC76

    Mark Drury

    I wish he wouldn't get so excited when the opposition score! He gets more excited than when we score. F****** annoying.
  13. 18MFC76

    Are you confident we will sign Payero?

    This deal seems to be dragging on and on for whatever reason. Will we get this over the line do we think?
  14. 18MFC76

    Boro or England or Both?

    Delighted for Gareth and the boys, they have absolutely done us proud in this tournament. Just curious to know, do you feel as passionate about England as you do the Boro? No doubt some people will feel more passionate about England and that's understandable. I'm sure a lot of people will feel...
  15. 18MFC76

    Why is Malley not starting?

    The lad comes off the bench and gets the Sky MOTM award. He shows a range of passing from a central midfielder that we've not seen for a long time. The lads confidence will be sky high right now so to not start him is poor from Warnock IMO. We have NOTHING to play for. Surely this is a perfect...
  16. 18MFC76

    Our Academy... What is the point?

    I've thought it for a long time but this is one aspect of the club that really needs looking at. It must cost an absolute fortune to run the academy and for what? 99.9% of the kids in our academy don't get a look in. Yes there's the odd one (Tav, Fry etc) but on the whole it is massively...
  17. 18MFC76

    Grant Hall

    Poor game but Hall MOTM for me, don't think he put a foot wrong and got us the equaliser.
  18. 18MFC76

    I would play Watmore as CF

    Disappointing result today but for me that scoreline doesn't tell the full story. We had plenty of chances today and Bolasie did exactly what was asked of him. Beating his man and whipping some excellent balls in. Britt's movement for a centre forward is dreadful and I don't think Akpoms is...
  19. 18MFC76

    Sam Morsy... A credit to the club

    Apologies if this has already been posted but watched this last night and was really impressed with Morsy. Seems a cracking lad.
  20. 18MFC76

    Warnock is my favourite ever Boro manager

    High praise indeed I know. Been following the Boro since 1994 when my dad took me to my first game at Ayresome Park. We have had some good (McClaren) and some shocking (we know who they are) over the years. But in terms of everything that I like and expect from a manager, Warnock ticks all the...