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  1. Abel Tasman

    “ and I take full responsibility”

    Northern Echo not pulling their punches
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    Are the Killers the biggest band to play in Middlesbrough?

    How do you define "biggest". If its on records sold by the time they play in the Town Killers 28 million Take That 45 million. I have no idea where the Who, Beatles, Oasis, Ozzy Osborne etc etc were on their career ladder when they performed in town.
  3. Abel Tasman

    Peak Guardian in the letters page...

    Graham is 81. Cut him some slack. He is from another era. He knows his funfairs.
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    Fatal mass shouting in Texas…

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    No it doesn't. trigger a GE. In fact Tony Blair resigned from PM Office after winning his third GE for Brown to take over. There was no election.
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    New Elizabeth Line

    Think the OP anticipated some hostility to the Line to be fair. Yeah? Well I don't give a fcuk about half the threads on this MB. But guess what. In those instances I don't bother opening the thread and certainly don't comment.
  9. Abel Tasman

    Key Dates - Championship up to Year End

    So the 5 week gap between fixture announcements and first weekend of games seems in line with that policy if Sky announce their first matches on that day?
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    Happy birthday

    Happy birthday Bob Carolgees. How old is Spit?
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    National League record expected to be broken again: Magpies v Mariners tonight.

    From what I saw from the highlights on line Grimsby were just about deserved winners. After the scrambled equaliser Grimsby had their wind in their sails in ET. The County CB should have been red carded near the end there for pulling back a player bearing down on goal but justice when they...
  12. Abel Tasman

    National League record expected to be broken again: Magpies v Mariners tonight.

    Yes the play offs work like this Elimination A 5th v 6th Elimination B 4th v 7th Semi finals. 2nd v Winner of elimination A 3rd v Winner of Elimination B Final. Neutral ground London Stadium
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    If they had stayed up Kompany for sure but now they have gone down? I suspect they may give it to Jackson.
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    Glastonbury Line Up Out

    Oh I see mate. They played a pub here in Wellington a few years ago. Maybe 60-70 in attendance. They are good for smaller gigs.
  15. Abel Tasman

    Simon Clarke

    Yes those garden meetings were hell. The Sav wasn't even chilled and the danish blue was slightly runny.
  16. Abel Tasman

    Burnley Have To Stay Up - Or Else

    According to those seemingly in the know (I know its not gospel) on Up the Clarets they say yes.
  17. Abel Tasman

    Glastonbury Line Up Out

    Yes. On paper very expensive but if you've got the money..... People spend £5k to sit around on a beach in the carribean for a week.
  18. Abel Tasman

    Burnley Have To Stay Up - Or Else

    Some have relegation clauses in their contracts, others without simply get signed on on reduced terms. Barnes is past his best but will be ok for the Championship. I dont see him leaving. JRod, Brownhill, Taylor, Costelloe, Collins, Westwood, Peacock - Farrell will be the spine of their team.
  19. Abel Tasman

    Pitch invasion penalties ?

    As for fences those whose memory of Hillsborough burns bright know we should never return to those dark days.
  20. Abel Tasman

    Pitch invasion penalties ?

    If you look around society now , and this may be brexit / Covid / history repeating Itself / social media / no accountability/ inset other items , but I genuinely think we have almost magically transported ourselves back 50 years to the 1970’s …. And not in a good way .